Olympiacos: Paschalakis and his thoughts on goalkeepers

Olympiacos: Paschalakis and his thoughts on goalkeepers
Olympiacos: Paschalakis and his thoughts on goalkeepers

The rumor that… creeps about him Paschalakihis glances Olympiakou on the free list and the prevailing scenario.

The issue of the goalkeeper did not open now for Olympiacos, nor did they wait for the game against Aris. It is an issue that has been in the news since the beginning of the summer. From the preparation of Piraeus.

Then it went back due to the games as well, while some appearances by Tomas Vatslik also degraded it. It never, however, left the minds of the people of the Piraeus team.

And while… the matter of the goalkeeper for the “red and whites” drags on… the rumor about Alexandros Paschalakis, who has been released by PAOK, also drags on. A subject that has caused various reactions with fanatical supporters and fanatical enemies.

So there is one week left before the free agent market closes. Olympiacos even now could take Paschalakis and put him in the team. Of course, this is also relevant, because we are referring to a goalkeeper who has been without a team for the last four months.

The specific issue seems to have “frozen” for Olympiakos. At least at the moment the issue with Paschalakis has lost ground, but this year’s history with Piraeus has taught us that everything turns upside down and anything can happen.

At the same time, in Alexandra Square, they are also looking at the list of singles and at the moment there is nothing that makes them… click and proceed to acquire it. The most likely thing for Piraeus is to continue as they are with the goalkeepers and reopen the issue in January when the give-and-take of the winter will begin. Without, of course, excluding the possibility of upheavals…

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