The pivotal qualification to the World and Paris 2024

The pivotal qualification to the World and Paris 2024
The pivotal qualification to the World and Paris 2024

Just before the start of the season, Yiannis Fileris reminds us of the crucial importance of the National Team qualifying for the Asian World Cup against the background of the Olympic Games in Paris. The window group, the difficulties of November and the situation of the groups, the pre-Olympic tournament and a FIBA ​​innovation

Slowly marching towards the start of the season, the EuroBasket is archived and now enters history. Nevertheless, the National Teams will return to the news in less than two months, when the penultimate windows for qualifying for the World Cup will take place with two matches on November 10 and 17. The other two (the last) are scheduled for next February (24 and 27/2) to find out which 12 European teams will travel next summer (25/8-10/9) to Indonesia, Philippines and Japan.

Greece will face consecutively in Latvia and away Belgium (in November), in Serbia and away in Latvia (in February). With two wins in four matches, it probably secures its qualification, as now with a record of 4-2, it is second in its group, behind Latvia (5-1) and ahead of Belgium (3-3), Serbia (3- 3), Turkey (2-4) and Britain (1-5).

To play in the World Cup they must be in the top three teams of the group. How important is it to play next year in Asia? In addition to the glamor of the event in which Greece has participated almost continuously since 1986 (in a total of nine tournaments, it has missed only one, in 2002 in Indianapolis) and its upgrade to a top basketball event by FIBA, it is also the passage to the Olympic Games.

It is, therefore, of crucial importance that the National Team qualify for the World Cup, since it can give the team that we saw in Milan and Berlin the opportunity to have a great two years, culminating in the Olympic tournament, where a circle of the 90s generation may be closed . Note that Greece has competed in the Olympic Games since Beijing in 2008.

Directly for Paris 2024 they will take 7 teams from the World Cup. In Europe, two places correspond and will be taken by the teams from Geria, which will have the best placement in the final ranking. In essence, there are three places, since France, which plays in the Olympics as host, also has the right to participate. Seven, plus France, a total of eight.

Four places remain for the Olympics, which will be filled by the winners of the 2024 pre-Olympic tournaments (24 teams will take part in 8 groups of three teams, hosted in pairs in four separate cities around the world). The winners of each group play each other and the top four pack their bags for Paris.

The 19 places will come from the World Cup rankings, while another five will come from the qualifying round of the pre-Olympic tournament established by FIBA ​​ahead of the 24 games, in which 40 teams will play (including those excluded from the World Cup qualifiers)! For Europe, from these qualifiers, only one team makes it to the pre-Olympic tournament. The qualification to the final stage of the PK is, obviously, spared from this particular inconvenience.

The group of windows with or without plugins?

This time we will not see the EuroBasket National Team, but the windows, which are still closed for the NBAers and half-open for the EuroLeague players. The lack of cooperation between FIBA ​​and the association of the 11 most powerful clubs in Europe has created a bit of a mess in recent years.

The surprises in the qualifiers are not so… surprises, since the dynamic of the national teams from the winter of the windows, to the summer of the major events, is sometimes huge and creates noticeable changes. On the other hand, the implementation of the qualifiers has brought the representative teams back into the lives of basketball fans and despite the significant misspellings, the process is – in general – successful.

Although the National Team has not been able to distinguish itself in the major tournaments (and this year it was limited to 5th place, after being eliminated from the top four in the decisive match with Germany) it is still present (with the exception of the Olympic Games, but there it steps on it in the pre-Olympic tournaments) with the windows teams doing a good job.

The Greek team, despite starting with a shock defeat by Britain in the qualifiers of the P.C., is on the right track for its qualification to the final phase, with a key victory in Istanbul, when it was reinforced with players of the ages, while the qualifiers even Giannis Antetokounmpo, who played both against Serbia (in the big match in Belgrade) and against Belgium in the packed OAKA, caught up.

It will be interesting to see who Sotiris Manolopoulos, head coach of the windows team, will have at his disposal in November, with the dates however not convenient for Olympiakos and Panathinaikos, since EuroLeague games are also scheduled.

Greece plays Latvia on the 10th and Belgium on the 17/11. On exactly the same dates, Olympiacos plays Partizan (at home) and Bayern (away). Panathinaikos welcomes Baskonia on the 11th and travels to Istanbul for the match against Fener on 11/18.

Both teams appeared willing to help the National team last year, even Olympiacos, which after the change of leadership in the EEC, varied its strategy in this matter. This means that in some matches, depending on the obligations of the top clubs, some of the internationals will play in the qualifiers.

In February, where the national team plays against Serbia (24/2) and Latvia (27/2), the Euroleague team schedule says that Olympiacos plays Valencia away on the 24th, while Panathinaikos, a day earlier, plays on Milan. On the 27th both have no European obligations…

Poland stepped on it early

Among the teams that stood out in Eurobasket was definitely Poland, who won 4th place in strings and instruments. Their big win over Slovenia in the quarter-finals was one of the biggest surprises of recent years. Despite this, the Poles will not even challenge for World Cup qualification, having been eliminated from the first round of qualifying with 2 wins and 4 losses, level in their group with Estonia, but finishing fourth, with the worst points difference between the two team games.

They were left out of the second round Croatia, Bulgaria who played in Eurobasket, North Macedonia and the Portugal.

How is the situation, four games before the end of the qualifiers? Here it is:

✒ In her group Greecethe Latvia he will hardly be left out as he leads with a 5-1 record. The Latvians who, if they played in Eurobasket, might even claim a medal, together with our national team are the favourites. The Serbs they recovered with two important wins against Greece and Turkey, but in the winter they will also have a … window team so they will fight for third place, against Belgium. The Belgian team performed well in EuroBasket (defeated Spain in the first round) two of their best players, however, Bako and Obasehan will play in the EuroLeague (Virtus Bologna and Villeurbanne). It will probably be stepped on by Turkeywhich will hardly overtake the third place, while out of the fight has already been put n Britain.

✒ H Germany and Finland (both 7-1) have almost secured their qualification from Group H. THE Slovenia follows with 5-3 and will hardly lose the third place, with Sweden-Israel (3-5) to persecute her and her Estonia (2-6) to have no hopes

✒ The Th group stands out Lithuania with 7 wins in 8 matches. THE France with 6-2 is also close to qualifying, while the Montenegro is currently in 3rd place with 5-3. There will be a battle with Bosnia-Hungary (4-4) with the Czech republic to not have lost the ticket yet but to be well behind with 3-5

✒ With her Spain and Italy to be at 5-1, Group I are favourites, with Iceland looking to spring a surprise. THE Agriculture of Ilias Zouros will try to enter a wedge, to pass it to the World Cup, while the Ukraine (1-5) who did good Eurobasket and Netherlandswhich was also present in the Prague group.

Twelve teams will go to Asia at the World Cup to represent Europe in an event that will be held with the same system as in 2019 in China, also claiming their participation in the Olympic Games. The 12 eliminated will take part in the qualifying pre-Olympic tournament (along with four other teams who will be the losers of the second round of qualifying matches for the next Eurobasket qualifiers). Let’s get to work!

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