Formula 1: Glock received threats to his life for years (vid)

Formula 1: Glock received threats to his life for years (vid)
Formula 1: Glock received threats to his life for years (vid)

The veteran F1 driver revealed the Golgotha ​​he went through after the legendary 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix.

Much has been said about the shocking and at the same time controversial finale of last year’s Formula 1 World Championship but it is not all that was decided in the final laps. The same thing happened in 2008 and even then it had a strong background.

Unlike last year’s battle Lewis HamiltonMax Verstappen which was influenced by the race director’s choice regarding the procedures behind the safety car, there the weather and specifically the rain that started to fall in the last laps had brought balance changes.

With the track sliding, the Toyota they had difficulty staying on the road, as a result o Timo Glock not being able to hold his ground against Hamilton. Overtaking that came just before the checkered flag dropped and judged the title since thanks to this overtaking, Felipe Massa lost the championship.

Of course, they didn’t exist then social media but again, given the circumstances of the time, Glock became a red flag for the supporters of the Brazilian and her Scuderia Ferrari. And as the German revealed, many were overstepping the bounds. To the extent that he received threats to his life.

It was really shocking. I couldn’t believe how they could treat you. My parents were scared. I received letters at our house, some were even told how they must kill me and stuff about it – it wasn’t nice at all. And every time the Brazilian Grand Prix approached, the same thing happened. My twitter account was going haywire. This still happens. Although now the climate is more positive, with more humorous comments. But I couldn’t understand why some people might think I might be helping Louis, why they might think I wanted him to be World Champion. I was driving for Toyota, what did I care? I did my fight,” Glock said in the podcast of F1, ‘Beyond the Grid’.

In fact, in addition to the consequences of what happened then in Interlagos, the 40-year-old also referred to those last rounds. Shedding light on the moments that changed the champion of that year.

The German remembers those last laps and explains why he was losing places:I was trying to do my best. I clearly remember those last 3-4 rounds because I knew what was going to happen at the end. But I didn’t know how they would judge the championship. We were in qualifying positions and a black cloud covered the sky above the track. I told my engineers: “Guys, this is going to end in disaster because if it starts raining, it will be chaotic“. They decided to take the risk and not change tires. In the penultimate lap it started to rain and I asked to come in for a change but I was told that it was impossible, that the preparations for the podium awards had already started. Everyone was freaking out because with what was going on at the time, Massa was becoming World Champion. So I stayed out and just tried to survive. I was fourth but I had no information if the others were approaching me or not. Some passed me, first o Robert Kubica who was a lap back, then o Sebastian Vettelthen Louis and I fell sixth. It was like driving on ice. The funny thing is that even though my mechanic informed me that Hamilton was finally crowned Champion, he didn’t tell me that I decided the title».

Of particular interest are what happened on the São Paulo circuit after the checkered flag fell. When the unsuspecting Glock suddenly found himself at the center of the confrontation!

I return to the pits and Louis stops in front of me. I shake his hand and congratulate him in front of thousands of Brazilian spectators. Then I go up the stairs and there are many journalists and photographers. They see me and run towards me, asking me if I did it on purpose, if I helped Louis and why I did it. I was also wondering:What the hell is happening”? It was a mess. The audience threw objects at anyone wearing Toyota clothing, I had a police escort leaving the track bound for the hotel. The same the next day, on the way from the hotel to the plane. The policemen were walking beside me even going to get on the plane” said the German.

Glock made his Formula 1 debut in 2004, driving for Toyota. Then, in the period 2008-2012, he ran with the colors of Toyota, Virgin and Marussia. In 95 Grands Prix, he stood on the podium three times, set the fastest lap once and collected 51 points.

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