The great return of Yannis Dintsikos

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THE Yannis Dintsikos he is not used to being in the limelight.

He became more widely known with Kastoria before establishing himself with AEK and reaching the Greek National Team. After the end of his career, in 1989, he retired from the limelight and now spoke to “Sports World” in a rare interview.

He mentioned his path with the Union, the world of football, but also that he no longer watches matches because they tire him.

See what he said:

One of the “hottest” names of his time is the Kastoria striker, Yiannis Dintsikos. A cup winner with the Akritic team, a talent that at the time was considered superior to Sarawak and with great prospects.

After a tough battle with OSFP and PAO, AEK managed to acquire Yiannis Dintsikos from Kastoria, spending millions of drachmas. Especially his escape to sign for AEK was cinematic. Dintsikos broke it from the hotel that Kastoria had catalyzed, so that he would not sign the PAO that he had agreed with its management.

The beginning was very impressive. Dintsikos, who was born on a day like today in 1960, immediately became a key player in the “yellow and black” 11 and became a key part of the “yellow and black” attack that was spearheaded by Thomas Mavro at the time. However, the story soon took a negative turn. The beginning of the evil was a match against PAOK in New Philadelphia on January 3, 1981. The murderous, unsportsmanlike and completely unacceptable marking of Iosifidis essentially ended the career of Dintsikos.

Even though he was medically cured after a year out, he never regained his confidence and connection with his good self. He lost his aerial style, he stopped being a terror for opposing defenses. Of course, he returned and won the 1983 cup, participating in the grand final with PAOK.

On top of that, Dintsikos began to suffer from racing misfortune. He lost from a lack of confidence in himself, goals that one can argue are not lost. It didn’t take long for the nickname “Misfortune” to emerge to mark his path. In total, he made only 68 appearances in eight years.

Even so, although he never had the great career that everyone expected, Yiannis Dintsikos stayed at AEK until 1989. He won the first championship, even if he did not make any appearances. The tragic thing is that misfortune did not stop being his constant companion even after the end of football, pushing him to important personal and family issues.

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