Almeida is “against modern football”, while teaching modern football…

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We have arrived at the first break of the championship for the Nationals and their obligations, one of the worst (ever) periods for us who deal exclusively with the reporting of a team like AEK, while at the same time we are counting down to the most important and big event of recent (and not only) history of the country’s large refugee club. So we can have a first, however essential, taste and thought about Matias Almeidas. Not for him personally, simply for his first results, the relationship he has created with the footballers and the club.

And the one (s.s.: the relationship) that seems to be building with the world of AEK since I can see from the messages I receive a recognition and substantial appreciation for the Argentinian coach. For some, it may seem logical and expected that something like this happens, but it is not, in a team that in the first five matches counts two defeats, one at home (against Volos) and the other in a derby against Panathinaikos. You say it is anything but expected.

However, honesty, humility, respect for the world and a lot of work and commitment to what one does, will always be the main reason for a person to be accepted, loved and in the end… adored! These are elements recognized by the Argentinian technician – AND JUSTIFIED – by the friends of AEK who obviously have some objections to the competition. After all, we all have – and are – a coach in us, don’t we? Exactly.

Combined with the romance that we need so much in a world like that of football, which belongs to the people, but is becoming more and more commercialized with the… fan and sports fan taking a back seat and turning into a customer! I think that Matias Almeida, regardless of whether he succeeds or not in his work with AEK, is the closest a United fan – organized or not – would have to staying on the bench for years: he is the absolute type of against modern football in my own eyes and this – until now we’ll see later – makes me like him with… a thousand and want him in yellow and black for years!

It is “against” but it teaches modern!

Don’t get me wrong please: I mean it is against modern football! It keeps romance and fanaticism perfectly alive and what’s more, it commonly takes it off the air. The group’s bond with the world and its origins seeks it. After he learns it depending on where he is, he tries to water it down and turn it into a guide, or rather a driving force of the team, which will depend on it. Someone will tell me “that’s how Argentinians are, Chuck”, I accept it even though I’m a known lover of the English in everything (except the Queen of course – of course Thatcher too)!

So maybe Matias Almeida is the guy who wins us over and reminds us of the ultimate “against modern football“, without having any idea of ​​his daily life, but we know that he was like a fan, a football player and now a coach. So this applies to me 100% (s.s.: the against modern football eh), I’m not even talking about it, but it has nothing to do with what he works, teaches and claims to see from his team and his football players in football. Because in this part, always until now, I see and find that we are dealing with a technician who pursues and works completely modern football…

Full of tension, a well-trained team, with constant changes in roles in the faces he chooses but also in the arrangement and of course with how he manages a game. Through management, it also works to change mentality and philosophy because: it can! Certainly influenced by the way of work and coaching thinking of Bielsa and other compatriots who have followed the path of the great Argentinian technician who is a teacher for all and their guide (see Pep Guardiola). What we see from Almeida is the result of football thinking of today and tomorrow, of him modern football, what AEK is required to play on the grass. Outside of that we like ten times that guy against modern football.

This face for me is the whole secret… To rely on long-term and substantial results from wrong results. Maybe it looks like it’s happening, I want to wait until January to solidify it, hopefully by then the results will turn him untouchable, usually untouchable, he’s so powerful. The results and the world that is always the great and essential shield and can make everyone in a football department understand that: he is not to blame, he will not be to blame, he will not change… It is obvious I daresay that I like the Argentine with a thousand and I will continue, this does not mean that I mean that we have seen super things (we have seen good things both on the grass and from the management), we are in the crisis phase even and we will be until January…

But I can also have my weakness and my hope that if the results go to him, then, in all other matters (personality, character, type, appearance, work, organization), we will walk with this particular one for years!

Hi: The presence and coexistence of Dimitris Melissanidis and Juan Laporta at the new stadium of AEK is a big deal. A presence and visit that will concern (even the typical reader) internationally since it is the president of a very important European club. And his statement is, in addition to being important, shocking: “I know the history of AEK and it is a club with a background. It has this in common with Barcelona. We tend to say that Barcelona is more than a club, it’s not a slogan it’s a declaration of our principles. We represent our country at a high level and at the same time we have a very strong commitment to society. I really like the background of AEK. That it comes from the refugees who came to Athens from Istanbul and founded the club in 1924. I have learned many interesting things about the team and I am sure that this visit is the beginning of a good relationship between the two clubs.”

Y2: Huge misfortune with Van Weert but rather to be expected judging by the fact that he came from a team that worked differently and at a lower intensity! The crush will take him back to level… meeting (on the grass) the rest of the yellow and black and learning their way of playing. Since we now have a picture of Matias Almeida’s training sessions, I have to note this: don’t change anything in terms of work, intensity and exercises… The footballers should finally come up to today’s requirements and not change the program to reach the standards of previous non-working training years. Because as long as we judge the coach and his work, let’s remember at the same time that for about two years, AEK is completely unworked, untrained and problematic with changes of coaches!

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