Leaving Super 3

Leaving Super 3
Leaving Super 3

With his announcement via Facebook, SF Aris Evosmou announced that he is leaving Super 3 and from now on he will travel alone, stressing that despite their decision they have nothing to share with anyone.

The announcement:
“We salute all the people of our ARIANARA in every corner of this world. Our love for this glorious union called ARIS THESSALONIKI, and our insatiable thirst to serve it at any cost to our personal lives, putting our backs even on the same our family, it is non-negotiable, after all we became a family within this organization, on the field, on the trips, in the association and in everything that has to do with our lives.
Many times in this family, as in all families, some decisions have to be made.
As members of Evosmos first, and by extension as a living organism of the fan movement of this club, we decide to walk alone as SF ARIS OF EVOSMOS, just as furiously next to the club as a family without having to separate anything and with anyone as long as he loves the club selflessly.
Of course, this does not make us enemies towards anyone who loves what we love, for us our brother is anyone who has the GOD OF WAR in his bowels.
That is why, after mature thought and sympathy, this decision was made. Any non-believer who wants to try to plant seeds of discord between us should know that he will find us before him.

PS 1 We will update everyone about the new link page and our future plans.

PS 2 See you all on Saturday at our brothers’ in yellow Katerinis”

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The article is in Greek

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