Paschalakis? To hell with it… he writes them!

Paschalakis? To hell with it… he writes them!
Paschalakis? To hell with it… he writes them!

We are particularly pleased with the fact. Many, many PAOK fans do not “bite” on the matter of the agreement of the former goalkeeper of his team with Olympiakos. And why, should they bite?

Did PAOK not want to keep him? Did Alexandros Paschalakis not want to stay? Didn’t the two sides find it? Whatever the truth is… The international goalkeeper has his place – and a prominent one at that – in the history of PAOK. With all the accolades to which he is entitled. With his soul playing for PAOK, he won.

But from the moment, in which (for better or worse, it doesn’t matter if time will tell) they went their separate ways… Health, may everyone be on their way.

In other words, there is no reason for the PAOK team to have any qualms with the destination of Alexandros Paschalakis. Many, very many have not. However, known and unknown attempt to woo them. In vain!

We are not referring, of course, to reporters. They even record “flea jumping”… They sift through the cone to find news. It’s their job. We refer to others. They know. Old art sieve them!

Anyway, the PAOK fans don’t… sting? They have knowledge. They honor the international goalkeeper. As long as he honored their team. And they wish: Good luck and he writes to us. Just like that…

They are now busy, embracing the – shiny, currently – Dominik Kotarski as well as the other guys, with responsibility for under the rafters of PAOK. Life, you see, goes on… at a gallop! Even at her stations… You change horses. That’s how you keep galloping.

PS 1: How right was Angelos Anastasiadis both for Manolas and for Papastathopoulos in the National Team, was it seen at Olympiakos? And the officials of the EPO wronged him so much, then…

PS 2 : Hold on tight, Constantine. Everyone – inside and outside PAOK – has set out to take his mind. Fortunately, as we learn, the Koulierakis family is styling their legs. She is not seduced (we learn, right?) by the… Sirens of the time.

PS 3 : We didn’t see. We didn’t hear on the channels (even the ones … friendly to PAOK!) a mention, even in the slightest, about the benevolent act of Adelino Vieirania. It is so common in our country that it should not…. sell, televised. And of course, the “captain” of PAOK and his wife did nothing to show off! Alas…

PS 4 : An event is developing in Iran, which may change the history of the entire world, a social revolution. And in Greece we deal with how many decorations King Charles wears and how they were awarded to him…

PS 5 : Such (nice…) crazy people, like those who run (and don’t make it) for PAOK basketball, there aren’t many. Essentially, there are no others. Support KAE, friends of the “two-headed”!

PS 6: Wishes and prayers for “Caesar” daily. Christ and Our Lady… Our Cross!

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