“Oura ring”: The special ring worn by Barcelona players to avoid injuries (pics)

Just as the team people expected and wanted (after the terrible transfer market of the summer), the season has started for the Barcelona.

Xavi’s side remain unbeaten in the league, currently only -2 behind leaders and Real Madrid, as the additions he made seem to have raised their level significantly, which was also evident in the first very big game of the year, in Munich against Bayern, although in the end they were defeated.

The “blaugrana” look like they are ready for the championship after years. The image of the team has filled the club people and fans with optimism as Xavi’s work seems to be paying off.

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However, the Catalan is not the only one responsible for this image. Basically, the “legend” of the “Blaugrana” has put his… hand so that his players can benefit from the technology.

How; With the special ring, the “Oura ring”. It is a metal ring that has sensors on its inner side. With this, the team’s medical staff and trainers are able to measure everything.

From the simple ones, which are pulses, to the “good hours” of sleep. The ‘Oura ring’ is the new revolution in football and Xavi has already equipped his players.

What is the main purpose of the ring? Mainly avoiding injuries, which largely spoiled last season for Barcelona.

“Oura ring” initially measures the speeds and kilometers traveled by the footballers. From there, through this particular ring, the Barcelona doctors have the possibility to see the “good hours” of sleep, but also the physical condition in which each football player of the team is.

Through this technology, experts can also understand when a footballer needs to rest, as in case someone has exceeded his limits, then the ring gives the notification, with the doctors being able to inform Xavi that there is risk of injury!

Xavi and the rest of the staff have decided that at… the slightest thing, the footballer who plays with risk will leave the field. At the same time, the Spanish coach has asked the nutritionists that each football player has his own, separate diet, which has come out with the “wants” of each player.

However, the interruption due to the national team provided answers in this specific area for Xavi. Because for so long, no Blaugrana player had been injured, which obviously means that the equipment is being properly managed.

Yesterday, however, both Kouté and Depay left their games with discomfort, in this first period of the year without wearing the ring…

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