Perfect debut with… 100% accuracy for Papapetrou!

The direct partner of Xavi Pascual, Diamantis Panagiotopoulos, analyzed the profile of Mateus Ponitkas, who now belongs to Panathinaikos.

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Excerpt from what he said to “SDNA”:

What are the strengths in his game and what does he still need to work on?

“Every condition is different, every team is different. It depends on what each team wants to do and how they want to leverage certain things. I think the role that Ponitka has in the game, the desire to win, the dirty work, the rebounding, the creation and the way he inspires are very important elements. The downside, if it can be called that, is that because he wants to have the ball in his hands he can make some mistakes that he can avoid. This. He doesn’t have anything else.

And because I read what is written about the shooting, it is not his shooting that is the problem. His shot is at a pretty good level. If I were to say something as a disadvantage it would be, because for us he played more because of the absences and did more things on the court, it is that maybe sometimes he makes 2-3 mistakes, Nothing else. It is a very important cog. It is the “glue” to connect all the pieces of a team, something that cannot be measured.”

Read in detail what he said here.

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