With… one leg in the Final-4 the Netherlands, Turkey and Kazakhstan secured promotion

With… one leg in the Final-4 the Netherlands, Turkey and Kazakhstan secured promotion
With… one leg in the Final-4 the Netherlands, Turkey and Kazakhstan secured promotion

One… turn before the final of the group stage of the 3rd Nartions League, the Netherlands with the “double” over Poland (2-0) effectively secured the first place in the 4th group of League A and one of the four ” tickets” for the Final-4 of the competition, France with its first victory in the 1st group of League A (2-0 Austria) took a decisive step for its stay, Croatia with its victory over Denmark (2- 1) took… head in the same group, while Luxembourg became the first team to breach Turkey’s goal, three times in fact, after 14-0 of the neighbors in the 1st group of League C. The final 3-3, however, it gave the first place and promotion to League B for Stefan Kuntz’s team!

Louis Van Gaal’s “Oranie” did not stop even in Warsaw, where with a 2-0 win over Poland, they are now one breath away from winning first place in their group and qualifying for the Final-4 of the 3rd Nations League.

Poland, now, will play for their stay in League A in the last game against Wales, who were defeated 2-1 in Belgium and have a big “final” ahead of them. They are bottom of Group 1 with just one draw, while the Poles have 4 and a 2-1 win in the first match between them.

After 2 defeats and the same number of draws, France celebrated their first victory at the Stade de France in Paris, 2-0 over Austria. The “tricolors” have moved out of last place, where the Austrians fell, and everything will be decided in the final matchday, with the world champions away to Denmark (25/09) and Austria welcoming Croatia on the same day.

The battle for the first place and the “ticket” for the Final-4 in the 1st group of League A will become clear on Sunday (25/09), between Croatia and Denmark. Croatia were winners in tonight’s derby against the Scandinavians at Maksimir Zagreb 2-1, to top the group and hold their fate in their own hands, as long as they win on Austrian soil in three 24 hours or, if not lose and at the same time the Danes do not beat France.

In his debut with the Turkish national team shirt, Yukcek scored in the 87th minute, setting up the final 3-3 with Luxembourg. A result, thanks to which the Turks mathematically secured the first place in the 1st group of League C and promotion to the next highest category.

For the first time in the tournament, Turkey’s goal was violated (it came from 14-0), while it was the first score loss after 4 consecutive victories for Stefan Kuncs’ group.

Kazakhstan also mathematically advanced to League B after their 2-1 win over Belarus.

The results and scorers:

League A

1st group

Croatia-Denmark 2-1 (49′ Sosa, 79′ Mayer – 77′ Eriksen)

France-Austria 2-0 (Bappe 55′, Giroud 64′)


Croatia 10

Denmark 9

France 5

Austria 4

2nd group

Czech Republic-Portugal 24/09

Spain-Switzerland 24/09


Spain 8

Portugal 7

Czech Republic 4

Switzerland 3

3rd group

Italy-England 23/09

Germany-Hungary 23/09


Hungary 7

Germany 6

Italy 5

England 2

4th group

Poland-Netherlands 0-2 (Gakpo 14′, Bergwein 60′)

Belgium-Wales 2-1 (11′ De Bruyne, 37′ Batshuayi – 50′ Moore)


Holland 13

Belgium 10

Poland 4

Wales 1

League B

1st group

Scotland-Ireland 24/09

Armenia-Ukraine 24/09


Scotland 9

Ukraine 7

Ireland 4

Armenia 3

2nd group

Iceland-Russia* Cancelled

Israel-Albania 24/09

*Russia will not participate in Group 2 of League B and will be ranked fourth in the group.


Israel 5 -3ag.

Iceland 3 -3h.

Albania 1 -2ag.

Russia* 0 -0ag.

3rd group

Bosnia-Montenegro 23/09

Finland-Romania 23/09


Bosnia 8

Montenegro 7

Finland 4

Romania 3

4th group

Slovenia-Norway 24/09

Serbia-Sweden 24/09


Norway 10

Serbia 7

Sweden 3

Slovenia 2

League C

1st group

Lithuania-N.Faroe 1-1 (41′ Slivka – 22′ Andreasen)

Turkey-Luxembourg 3-3 (16′ pen. Uder, 39′ Sano, 87′ Yuksek – 9′ Martins, 37′ Sinani, 69′ Rodriguez)


Turkey 13

Luxembourg 8

Faroe Islands 5

Lithuania 1

2nd group

Northern Ireland-Kosovo 24/09

Cyprus-Greece 24/09


Greece 12

Kosovo 6

Northern Ireland 2

Cyprus 2

3rd group

Kazakhstan-Belarus 2-1 (29′ Gabyshev, 79′ Zainudinov – 45’+3 Savitsky)

Slovakia-Azerbaijan 1-2 (90’+3 pen. Girka – 44′ Dadasov, 90’+5 Hagverdi)


Kazakhstan 13

Azerbaijan 7

Slovakia 6

Belarus 2

4th group

Georgia-North Macedonia 23/09

Bulgaria-Gibraltar 23/09


Georgia 10

B. Macedonia 7

Bulgaria 3

Gibraltar 1

League D

1st group

Latvia-Moldova 1-2 (55′ Ikaunieks – 26′ Revenko, 45′ Nikolaescu)

Liechtenstein-Andorra 0-2 (4′ Rosas, 81′ Cervos)


Latvia 12

Moldova 10

Andorra 7

Liechtenstein 0

2nd group

Estonia-Malta 23/09


Estonia 6 -2h.

Malta 6 -3ag.

San Marino 0 -3ag.

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