The former sporting director made Neymar cry many times

The former sporting director made Neymar cry many times
The former sporting director made Neymar cry many times

Barcelona’s negotiations with Neymar were revealed by El Mundo, detailing the reasons that led to his departure in 2017, with then sporting director Raul Sanguei reportedly making the Brazilian cry several times.

Former Barcelona sporting director Raul Sanguei made Neymar “cry more than once” before the Brazilian left the club for Paris Saint-Germain in 2017, one of the revelations made by El Mundo after the documents were leaked .

The newspaper El Mundo in the context of “Barcaleaks” after what it published about Gerard Pique’s contract and Lionel Messi’s demands to renew, revealed the reasons that led him Neymar at the exit door.

On July 31, just three days before Neymar completed his transfer to the Parisian club, the Shanghai sent a lengthy email in which he recounted in great detail the conversations he had with the Brazilian star’s father:

In recent weeks I have turned to the father. I talked for many hours with him. I assure you he was with us, until the last two or three days, when very wrongly and unfairly, he felt betrayed when Neymar’s signing bonus was published. He thought the club leaked it to put pressure on him (and has even taken it as a threat).

And that’s when we started to lose him. Obviously I argued that it was in no way leaked by us. In short, from this leak, he began to think it was not right to try to persuade his son to stay.”

In the same email, Shangei also touches on Neymar’s psychology, mentioning that he was struggling at the time, revealing that it made him cry several times.

“I have told you all individually that the problem in this case was the player’s head. The boy is sick, he has a lot of personal problems, he is very confused and very vulnerable. So, he has mistakenly thought that by leaving Barcelona he will leave and him from his problems (when really what he needs to do is face them and not run away).

I have spoken to him directly, repeatedly, made him cry more than once, and he has admitted to me many times that he was lost. His teammates supported him until the end (but eventually got fed up, like me, like all of us).”

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