He announced the divorce with Icardi and followed Maxi Lopez again

After going through 40 waves in their marriage and coming close to divorce several times, the glass between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi it looks like it’s not just cracked, it’s broken for good.

The businesswoman, model and until recently the manager of the Argentine ace dropped a “bombshell” in the early hours of Friday, after announcingvia Instagram her separation with the football player of Galatasaray.

Lately the couple’s relationship went through many ups and downs, after the Argentinian striker’s… mishaps, however, lately everything seemed to be a thing of the past. Finally, Wanda Nara, who was also acting as an agent for the 29-year-old striker, announced through her Instagram account their separationasking the media to approach the issue with discretion. “It is very painful for me to live in this moment. But given my exposure and media speculation, it’s better that they know it than I do.

I don’t have anything else to clarify I am not going to give any details about this breakup. Please, I am asking you to be understanding not only for me, but also for our children,” Wanda Nara said in her message.

Following this announcement, Wanda Nara re-followed her ex-husband and close friend Mauro Icardi on Instagram, Maxi Lopez.

The incredible story with close friends Icardi – Lopez and the “stone of scandal” Wanda Nara

If Icardi owes anyone his immediate adaptation and footballing development in Serie A, it is his compatriot who is nine years his senior. Maxi Lopez. Maxi had taken Argentina under his protection, hosting him in his home and going on holidays with him.

Their friendship, however, began to falter and eventually ended when the mother of Lopez’s children, Wanda Nara, intervened.

The Argentinian beauty ditched Maxi Lopez, who had three children with him, for Icardi, and the Argentinian Inter international footballer revealed in his autobiography how they got together.

“One day before I left for friendly preparations in America, Wanda sent me a message. I was surprised because I usually only talk to Maxi and not her. She asked me if I could buy her a new iPad from the US, as it was not yet available in Italy,” the Argentine writes and continues:

“But this got me thinking. Did Wanda really want the iPad or did she want contact with me? When I got back to Milan, one of the first things I did was to contact her and tell her that I had taken the iPad. It was the best excuse. We exchanged a lot of messages and started to be a little more… free.

He wrote me: “Mauro, me and Maxi are going for an island walk with Gonzalo Bergesio and his wife. Do you want to come with us?”

Of course I wanted to. When I was alone on the second floor of the ship and I was lying on the sofa listening to music, Wanda quite suddenly came and laid down next to me without any shame. From that moment on, her relationship with Maxi Lopez ended.”

“The Wanda Derby”

On April 14, 2014, Maxi Lopez’s Sampdoria hosted Mauro Icardi’s Inter. However, the game in question went down in second place and went down in history as “Wanda’s Derby”.

As the players entered the field and exchanged the traditional handshake before the start of the match, Mauro Icardi as a guest approached Maxi López to shake his hand. The latter avoided him without even looking at him. In fact, Icardi called him “uncouth” and the war for Wanda’s eyes had just begun…

A month later, on 27 May 2014, Icardi married Wanda – some twenty-four hours after her divorce was granted – in a small ceremony in Buenos Aires in front of 12 people.

Maxi Lopez Refuse Handshake of Mauro Icardi

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