“We hear Simeone’s assistant and we say ‘you coach’, what are you coaching?”

“We hear Simeone’s assistant and we say ‘you coach’, what are you coaching?”
“We hear Simeone’s assistant and we say ‘you coach’, what are you coaching?”

Giorgos Delizisis, through his interview with “FOS”, followed up on what he had mentioned a while ago on Metropolis 95.5 and while Herman Bourgos was at the helm of Aris, where at the time he had characteristically noted that, “It was a matter of Burgos. There are others who must inform the coach what Delizisis has offered to Aris”.

The former captain of Aris and current football player of Niki Volos, through what he said in his new interview with “FOS”, he said characteristically about the Argentinian technician, “I will not say it out of empathy, because of my own case where, while we had said with Karipides to continue, I left because of Burgos. I’ll say it because I believe it. Burgos was not a coach! Players left who offered – get me out – because of Burgos. We hear Simeone’s assistant and say “coach”. What do you coach… Where did you first work? There are coaches who are classes higher. I don’t even classify him in the category of coaches!”.

Then on whether he was vindicated for Herman Burgos, he underlined, “It’s not whether I was justified, it’s not a personal matter. The team did not work at all during the months that we worked with Burgos. 45 minutes of training is not work. Karipidis knew it, but Bourgos was saved because of the great turnaround we did with AEK and we went to Europe. Karipidis wasted time with Bourgos, he should have taken a good experienced coach at the end of the season, as he did now.”

While for the role of Apostle Terzis, he noted, “Burgos didn’t leave anyone behind. He did not give space to anyone, not even to Terzis who is very experienced in the ways of Mars and has tactics, whenever he has been called to take the chestnuts out of the fire he does so. He didn’t even give space to the gymnast, Nikos Amanatidis.”

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