What is the greatest “moment” of Greek sports? – bwin

What is the greatest “moment” of Greek sports? – bwin
What is the greatest “moment” of Greek sports? – bwin

THE bwin highlights these magical moments and invites you to enjoy them together!

Life is pictures! Memories. Moments, that you never forget, you remember where you were, who you were with and how you reacted when the success of Greek athletes or the National Teams catapulted you!

In Greek sports, there are great moments, when time seemed to stand still. When one shot felt like it lasted an hour and the 200m in track seemed like an eternity. It’s these magical moments that took us to another level, as it happens with the top gaming platform, where rewards* and 24-hour service make your game fun.

What moments we will never forget and pass down to our grandchildren, years later, as if it were… yesterday.

“Qualification in the hands of this honest giant”

“Nothing, nothing stops us! The qualification in the hands of this honest giant. It’s the end, the Greek team is the champion of Europe”, these words were forever etched in our minds. Millions of Greeks watched the most historic shots, without any doubt, no other conquest, has so changed the sporting landscape in a country and the general flow of the history of a sport in a continent. After all, in the 35 years that followed, Greek players, coaches, as well as Greek teams are among the elite of European basketball. This Gold took Greek basketball to another level!

“For Greece, dammit”

“I’m going to run for Greece, damn it, for no one else”, chanted Voula Patoulidou excitedly shortly after the incredible feat at the Barcelona Olympic Games. Yes, the participation of a Greek athlete, in a final, was in itself… beyond reality! The incredible feat was wildly celebrated in every corner of Greece and changed the fate of the country and classical sports. Her speech was remembered by everyone and the gold medal was the starting point for new huge successes.

“Sit under the bar”

“Sit under the bar. Sit down”, screamed Christos Iakovou and all the Greeks shuddered with him! Pyrros Dimas lifted 180 kg in the deadlift, 212.5 in the deadlift and 392.5 in the total, “lifting” Greece with him. The weightlifting competition gave us unique moments, launched us, handed out medals, great moments, emotions that stayed in our memory forever. Pyrros Dimos took the sport to another level and every appearance of his kept millions of Greeks transfixed.

“Kostas is coming up! He’s going for a medal”

“And he left. The American is gone well and gone too late. Kenteris is strong. And he’s coming up now, now it’s his turn, now he has to be stronger. Kostas is coming up! He’s going for a medal! Kenteris, Kenteris, Kenteris is first! Olympic champion! First Olympian! Golden winner Costas Kenteris, golden winner Costas Kenteris! It’s unbelievable’ and the state television broadcast is still ringing in our ears. Kenteris, the man who… shocked the world at the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000. The athlete “tamed” the wind and gave Greek sports one of its greatest successes. The moment he raised his hands, ignoring his opponents, went down in history forever.

“Goal the god Dellas, the colossus, Dellas! Goooooooooll!!!”

“Goal, the colossus Dellas!!!”. It was the launch goal, the goal that put wings on the feet of the internationals, the one that gave them the impetus to write perhaps the best chapter in the history of Greek sports. Traianos Della’s header against the Czechs sent the country’s football to another level, brought the world to the streets and the planet does not forget the football legend, no matter how many years pass. Of all the moments of the national team, all the goals, all the phases, none was like the one with Della’s goal. It was a header of hope, a reward goal for Otto Rehagel’s side who had done so much on the Portuguese pitches.

“put it on boy”

“Who, who, put it on boy! Put it on, put it on!” and these sayings… travel carelessly, word of mouth for so many years and will continue! And if the 1987 National Team launched basketball, Diamantidis’ three-pointer and by extension the 2005 Gold Medal brought basketball to the top level in Greece. The epic upset of the “official favorite” who closed a seven-point gap in the last 42 seconds of that landmark semi-final, went down in history forever and the three-pointer of the legend, Dimitris Diamantidis was the ultimate reward for what Panagiotis Giannakis’ players chased against the French. We will continue to watch the videos to remember the emotions, the words, because a page of history was written that few have managed to write. Everyone misses EuroBasket 2005, not only as a success, but also as an atmosphere.

“A hundred, a hundred, damn it, a hundred!”

“Shock and awe”, “epic”, whatever rave comments we make inside we will fall, because what happened in Saitama will never happen again! It was in 2006, when the European Champions managed to subdue the best players in the world and write one of the most brilliant pages in the history of Greek team sports. The images of Shkortsianitis “terrorizing” the opponent’s basket, Papaloukas running up and down the floor with assists and Spanoulis getting up for a three and ending the Dream Team are forever etched in the mind. This victory took us to another level, it was something that few have achieved. The light board read 101-95 and this moment will be remembered forever!

When Gianniotis bent the whole country!

That thrilling race, that over-exertion, the agony over the gold judged in the photo finish, the tears of joy over the silver medal. Spyros Gianniotis won the silver medal in the 10 km open water race at the Rio Olympic Games, but he entered the hearts of the Greeks forever. Stubbornness, passion, strength, adrenaline in red! The moment of termination is not forgotten. The whole country celebrated for the Gold, she was saddened when it went to the Dutchman, Firtman, she shouted for an objection, but at the end of the day she knew that Gianniotis was her… champion, even if he took second place. It was a race of perseverance, of hope, that’s why no matter how many years pass, everyone will talk about the moment of Gianniotis’ finish!

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