Aris proved that he has patience and that he is not in a hurry to sell

Aris proved that he has patience and that he is not in a hurry to sell
Aris proved that he has patience and that he is not in a hurry to sell

Aris has not changed his philosophy on the issue of sales, but he certainly shows more patience in the racing projects he manages while waiting for their stock market value to increase.

His logic Theodorou Karipides in matters of buying and selling it is simple. In one of the few press interviews he gave since the day he was active on Mars, he said that… “everything has its price”, whether they involve purchases or sales. The relevant answer was given to a question about the possible interest of the “yellows” in him Amr Ward who was the eternal “capsule” of the powerful man of PAE Aris, regardless of the fact that their paths did not cross. The logic has not changed, but the club’s policy has certainly changed, which shows in the clearest way that it is in no rush to sell. In the racing projects it has, it continues to invest and waits for the increase in their market value.

A more typical example is the Daniel Mancini. About three years ago, Aris had invested the amount of 500,000 euros for the purchase of 75% of his rights. Leaving Bordeaux and the enviable environment of French football, the Argentine’s value dropped by 200,000 euros. During his first year (2019-20) and due to his difficulty adjusting, it fell to 500,000 euros. Today (according to transfermarkt) it quadrupled by reaching the 2,000,000 euros.

Last summer there were shocks over the purchase of the 26-year-old striker. Some of these turned into official offers, as happened with Omonia, others did not proceed due to the demands of Ares. The “yellows” raised the bar because Mancini is one of the best wing midfielders in the Championship, but above all he shows a tremendous improvement in the elements of his game. Now, he is not only the honest worker of Mars, the one who will run to cover the others and be warmly applauded for his one action, but one of the leaders of the group. He is undoubtedly the most consistent member of the Aris offensive line and after five goals and the same number of assists last year, he already has three goals and two assists this year.

Aris shows very clearly his decision to wait for Mancini, having made it a matter of course to extend his contract until the summer of 2024. He also understands the footballer’s desire to play in a better Championship than the Greek one. The latter can play a role in the event that a proposal arises from an advanced Championship team.

The summer of Palma and the rejected proposals

The … laughs of last January – when Aris proceeded to acquire the young striker from Honduras – were cut short, sometime in the spring. From a complementary football player, o Luis Palma developed into a key player for Aris both in maintaining participation in the qualifying phase of European competition and in the first matches of the current season. Now it is up to the 22-year-old to launch the already upward trajectory he is recording. The summer was quite intense for Palmas and Aris went so far as to reject a proposal 2,000,000 euros from an MLS team, i.e. ten times the amount he spent to buy his rights. At the same time, there were attacks from Russian and Cypriot teams, however the opinion expressed by Aris and supported by actions is that the footballer has the quality characteristics to offer more and above all to raise his market value. According to transfermarkt, this is defined in 450,000 eurosbut the real value of a player is shaped by the offers made to buy his rights.

The rejection of the Brambetz proposal

Something similar happened to him Jakub Brambetz. The proposal from a group from the Emirates instead of an amount of 2.5 million euros was also rejected by PAE Aris. In the case of Cech, the timing of the proposal may have played a role, perhaps its rejection had not only to do with the stock market but with the fact that the team cannot afford to deprive him of his presence. Of course, this is the main central defender of the Czech Republic who recently turned 30 years of age.

The management of the above cases essentially confirmed the club’s change of policy on the issue of sales. This may even be strengthened after his recruitment Alan Pardew in technical leadership. The Briton has shown that he has the will to refer to a footballer by name and it may not be a coincidence that so far he has stopped at two. To Daniel Mancini and Luis Palma.

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