Gymnastics: Bureaucracy does not allow Ginis to do championships and study

Gymnastics: Bureaucracy does not allow Ginis to do championships and study
Gymnastics: Bureaucracy does not allow Ginis to do championships and study

The champion of gymnastics, Stavros Ginis, expressed his complaint because they do not allow him to transfer to Athens Medical School, so that he can train and study at the same time.

Twice o Stavros Ginis, a champion gymnast, applied to transfer to Athens Medicine, but both times his application was rejected. The member of the National team has moved to the Medical School of Patras, but in order to continue his studies there, it means that he will have to leave the championship.

THE Guineawho in his student years used to read in the car making the journey with his father Megara-Egaleo in order to train, he went to the Medical School of Patras, but in the city of Achaia he cannot train as there is no national team level.

Despite his requests, he cannot transfer to Athens and combine studies and championships, because according to the law, this is not provided for, unless he has great distinction in an international event.

A difficult thing for the 20-year-old Gini who has not had time to compete in many international events at men’s level and in the instrument he is good at (hoop) in Greece he only has behind him the Petrunia

“At some point I will have to choose either championship or studies”

“Two years ago, the circular for exceptional transfers came out, I made my application and it was rejected. This happened the second time I did it too. No one has taken an interest in solving my problem. I have presented them with all the evidence, that I am an athlete of the national team, that I take part in international competitions. I have tried to speak to Mr EugenakisI have sent a letter to Mr. Mavrotas, but I am still waiting” he said initially and added:

“I spoke to people from the Deputy Ministry of Sports and they told me that under the current law no transfer can be made. An amendment should be made to the law, which will say that a national team athlete will be able to get a transfer. The current law says that you can get a transfer if you have first to sixth world honors. To bring this distinction at the age of 20 is very difficult and unfortunately at some point I will have to choose between the championship and my school. It has crossed my mind to quit sports to devote myself to my school. With this attitude they hold towards us athletes, they push me to the exit”.

“Petrounias helped me find a job”

THE Guinea he also mentioned the support he has from Lefteri Petrounia who even helped him find a job!

“Lefteris and I train together, we talk a lot and I have learned a lot from him. He tells me not to give up, he helps me a lot in training. However, apart from the instrumental, it has helped me a lot in my life as well. He has found me a job, while I also stay in his room in Agios Kosmas. As great an athlete as he is a good person.”

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