Coleman: “I will not… park a coach with Olympiacos” – Interview – Atromitos – Olympiacos

Coleman: “I will not… park a coach with Olympiacos” – Interview – Atromitos – Olympiacos
Coleman: “I will not… park a coach with Olympiacos” – Interview – Atromitos – Olympiacos

Determined not to deviate from his coaching philosophy not even in difficult times match -like the next one with Olympic away from home – said Chris Coleman.

In his interview with Hello Tsuchika and the bwinSPORT FM 94.6 (where he pointed out that there is a better opinion of the Greek league abroad than in our country) the Welshman heralded a Dauntless One to descend with ambitions in “Karaiskaki” after the resumption of the championship.

So explaining that it has confidence to his team’s abilities and that he is not afraid of any opponenthe made it clear that he will play openly and there is no way to… park a coach in front of his hearth.

In detail, what he told bwinSPORT FM 94.6 and Vaios Tsuchikas:

For the plan he has ahead of the match with Olympiakos: “I don’t want to sound cheesy, but I’m not going to,,, park the bus, sit back and pray we don’t concede goals. I’m not afraid of who’s listening. I expect a lot from my players because I think we are a good team with high quality. I was critical after Lamia because we can be better. I respect the opponent, whether it is Lamia or Olympiacos. We are a good team and if we play to our standards we can beat anyone.»

About what he found in Atromitos, what he wanted to improve and where he wants to go in football: “When you come to a team that is in a bad situation, the most important thing is to improve the psychology. You can be a very good coach, have a very good plan, but you have to approach all the people in the team and strengthen them psychologically. I think we often forget that and only look at the result. Above all, we strengthened the psychology within the team, the way of thinking and approaching the games.

I speak in the plural because, you may see me sitting at the end of the bench, but there is a large group behind me. Without their help we would not have succeeded. It was an unprecedented situation for Atromitos last year, he had to fight for his stay for many years”.

On whether it’s easier to have a good team with good players mid-season or mediocre mid-season: “In the middle of the season the big challenge is to sell your ideas to players who already have those of the previous one in their minds. Until then the team had not caught the expectations it should have.

I am realistic, I know we changed the team a lot, 14 players left and 8 new ones came. We tried to play differently, I put my mindset into the game. We work on it from the preparation. Last season we had to find a way of playing that suited the players we have.

The beauty of football is that everyone has an opinion. My own opinion is that we should learn from last year’s adventure, where we had high expectations but ended up giving us a big problem. Let’s not think beyond the next game. Let’s not think about what the world expects from us or the exit to Europe. To concentrate only on the next challenge”.

For the characteristics of Greek football players: “What I would tell every player is to be hungry, to become strong and technically sound. If they don’t have the right mindset, the will to train and work hard, they won’t succeed. Everyone can get lazy at some point, but if you can’t control it, it doesn’t matter how much talent you have. You’re done before you start.

When I came last year, I found a good group of Greek players. Although we lost them, they have helped us a lot. They had a huge contribution.

I want to emphasize that many times players come from abroad and we put them in positions they don’t deserve, because they come from a bigger team or league. If you analyze their game you see that there is not much difference. The gap is not as big as we think”

The article is in Greek

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