The most expensive team in the history of Greek football, has no plan… | Blog – Michalis Tsochos

The most expensive team in the history of Greek football, has no plan… | Blog – Michalis Tsochos
The most expensive team in the history of Greek football, has no plan… | Blog – Michalis Tsochos

Michalis Tsochos writes about Olympiakos who had no plan and tried to cover this deficit with a lot of money and countless transfers.

The rational thing in football, the only rational scenario, is to draw up the plan, make the plan and then get those who will serve it. To Olympic this summer there was no obvious plan or if you prefer, whatever plan there was went for a walk after the departure of Martins and then started a crazy celebration that we will see in its finale that will lead.

The bad started from the day he left Modest to take things from the beginning and in order. If there was in Olympic today a technical director I find it difficult to imagine that the champion of Greece would end up on September 15 having 40 players in the Renti and a dozen more right and left in the form of loans. I’m sure whoever he was would have put some sort of order into it. Obviously, the summer in which you fire the coach who has been with the team for four consecutive years, is by definition a difficult summer for everyone. For the team, for the administration, for the players, for everyone.

THE Olympic so me Karebe, Modesto and Martins he had drawn up a plan. A plan that was deemed insufficient at the end of July and while several moves had already been made. With his departure Modesto for Monza and the removal of Martins, Olympiacos needed a new technical director, a new coach, a new plan and some new players. By definition it was difficult for them to do it, with so little time and the pressure of qualifying that continued every Thursday.

This is how we reached the chaotic transfer summer of Olympiakos, where today some players who were acquired during the summer are either on loan, while they came for protagonists (Zingernagel), or have been substantially cut (Abubakar Kamara), either they have not been declared in Europe because they did not have time (De La Fuente), or because they did not have time (Hames, Samaseku, Bakabu).

Olympiacos therefore went to logic, since there was no plan and there was no one in the competition planning to prepare it, “let’s get the best players we can and then we’ll figure out what to do…”. Big risk and dangerous when there is no time margin to team them up.

The most expensive team in the history of Greek football.

There is no doubt that a huge investment was made in Olympiakos this year. Probably to put it on the right footing, this team that Olympiacos built is by far the second most expensive team in the history of Greek football. The number of footballers who have a contract of more than 1 million euros is in double digits and there are quite a few who get almost 2 or more million euros a year. To realize the size of his roster cost Olympiakouwith a rough estimate, which certainly has accuracy in it, the money his players get Olympiakou, their fees alone must reach 40 million euros. I’m not talking about the club’s total budget, I don’t even know where it ends up, I’m only talking about the players’ fees. Only the unregistered players in Europe cost more than all the players in five Super League teams. The… cut Olympiakos cost more than they cost together, Ionian, Levadea, PAS Ioannina, Panaitolikos and Asteras Tripoli (completely random examples). Unthinkable! THE Olympic so he paid a lot, a lot of money and even in a year where he will not have the income of the Champions League, so he will enter and will definitely need a new share capital increase.

It is also a given that the Olympic got a lot of good players. Really many and really good ones. If someone told me last May that Olympiacos would have in September Marcelo, Hames, Vrsaliko, the two Juanks, Pep Biel, Samaseku, Bacado, let me not go on, I would bet that he has entered the Champions League groups, to be able to make such an investment and convince such names and of course I would be out…

But big money and good players are enough to get the job done. History has shown us time and time again that it is not enough. A more classic example than Paris spending endless money, getting the best players, but not getting, not even close to, the Champions League, doesn’t exist. Because even in Paris, with the exception of this season, that’s exactly what they do. They get really good players, they spend endless money, but they don’t have a plan. They call a coach, take a bunch of players and tell him now make a team. Nobody made it.

And if he didn’t make it Ancelotti and Pochettino in Paris why should he succeed Corberan at Olympiakos is the rhetorical question? Because that’s what they said to him too. “We took the players, you make them a team…”. We said, Ancelotti didn’t make it in Paris, will Corberan make it? Chances are he won’t make it and at some point he’ll leave for the next one to come, probably very soon.

The attempt to become a team.

And for me here is the crux. The next coach should be someone with a strong personality. Mind you I don’t necessarily mean a big name. Barely. But someone who will have shown us in his career, even if this is the Braga and Maritimoor the Bilbao was flying too, that firstly he has a way of making a football plan and developing it and secondly that he has a way of managing for the benefit of the team, whatever heavy cards his team has. It is certain that whoever he is, as oxymoronic as it sounds, will need two or three transfers in January.

Despite the fact that the Olympic has 40 players, it is certain that whatever plan is drawn up now with those 40 will have a deficit in two or three positions with specific characteristics. I give an example to be understood. If the coach wants the build up to start from behind and the goalkeeper, o Olympic it will be imperative to get a goalkeeper who is very good with the ball at his feet because there is none on the roster.

But this is the easy part, i.e. adding 2-3 pieces for the coach to build the puzzle. The hard part will be to be able to evaluate 40 players (plus those 2-3 he’ll want to bring in) in a short period of time and then cut at least 15 and the club will find a way to… send them. It is impossible for a team and a coach to work seriously with 40 players in training. Impossible! And it is impossible Olympic to improve noticeably as long as the coach continues to have 40 players every day in Rentis, to do a training double and stay out and look at 15 footballers. No work will be done, no team will be made, there will be no good atmosphere in the locker room, there will be no fun and mood for work and there will be at least 15 sour faces, no matter how any coach manages the situation. And I think it’s easy for everyone to understand that.

But I explain to be understood. THE De La Fuente played last year in Marseille over 20 matches and came to Olympiakos to become a starter, play 40 matches, go World Cup with USA, in which he plays and develops his talent. He has already been cut from the European list and will rarely fit in the missions, not in the Olympiakos lineup. Which manager can beat this player? You do.

But let’s look at another example. Olympiacos renewed El Arabi with a lot of effort, persistent efforts and 2 million euros a year in fees, at the beginning of the summer. THE Olympic he made a big effort to bring in Joe Joe, who did not want to come at the beginning, who was a key player in the French league, he is a key player in South Korean national team partner him Sean of Tottenham. THE Olympic now he got Bakabou who also played over 20 matches with Marseille last year and he came to Greece to become a starter and of course he got Abubakar Kamara at the beginning of summer from Mars. From all of them, one main player will play. Let’s just say one more will play enough. The other two? Permanently out of mission one and rarely in it the other. Which coach can beat them, which two will be left over? You do.

THE Olympic so he has a much more difficult road, than the one that many think he has to travel. It’s not as simple as some people think, it just takes a good coach to make them a team. Much more is needed, but first and foremost the game plan, the blueprint, on which this Olympic. Without this and Olympic and the investment will fall on the rocks…

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