Almeida: “The changes at Leoforo were made to win” – Football – Super League 1 – AEK

Almeida: “The changes at Leoforo were made to win” – Football – Super League 1 – AEK
Almeida: “The changes at Leoforo were made to win” – Football – Super League 1 – AEK

Her much discussed management he did on the Avenue clearly explained the Matias Almeida.

Speaking to Cosmote TV ahead of the match with Panaitolikos, the Argentine underlined that the many and active changes were made with a view to turn the AEK the match (and awareness of it risk who had this).

So he underlined that this is how a great team should thinkwhile he also answered the reason why he tests several players in different seats.

What Almeida said in detail

On the taste left by the derby against Panathinaikos: “We felt bad about the way the result came. And when I say “the way” we understand which way I am referring to. Now in the racing part there were some positive things and some others that need to be improved. I really liked the team, there is of course room for improvement.

We are in the process of finding our system. In the first half we were in control of the match. In the second half, being behind in the score, we made some changes to help the team offensively. Aiming to equalize or even win the game. We had some chances.

We knew that the opponent could make some counterattacks with us exposed. But in all the teams I’ve been in so far, always when I’m behind the score, what I want to do is for my team to equalize. And not to make sure he doesn’t concede another goal. For me, a big team should have that thought, knowing that there will be risk.”

For the management of emotions that AEK has to do given the points losses: “I live football, like my life. I am neither excited nor disappointed. In the 30 years I have been in the world of football I have been in different places. And all I’ve learned is that you have to work to correct mistakes.

Winning a game doesn’t make you the best team. Losing a game sometimes happens because the opponent was superior. Some others you may miss due to other circumstances. So with all that in mind, what we’re trying to do is give players peace of mind and fix some things.

Because on the first day, when we spoke, I had said that I believe in daily work. If I changed my words, I would be a hypocrite. And I try not to be a hypocrite, to keep my word and what I said from day one. I try to recognize mistakes, work on them.

I try to know the strengths and work on them to improve. The only way in football, as in life, is work. If words could fix everything, the world would be wonderful. We have to keep working, whether things are going well or going badly. We have to work and give time. And there is something else that is difficult. In this area, people know about football. It is one of the few jobs where everyone always has solutions.

We accept them, but it is impossible to agree with everyone’s opinions. Players don’t get up to come in and play in a game because I told them “come on guys, come in and play as you want”. Here we have brought a methodology based on daily work. If I put a player in a position, that means I’m doing it because we worked on it.

I do it because at some point in the past he fought in this position. I do it because he likes this position. I never put a player in a position he doesn’t like. When I talk to a footballer, I believe what he tells me. And I believe that the footballer always tells me the truth.”

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