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• When you come from a 93′ defeat against Nantes and a draw with Volos in Karaiskakis, and you concede a goal in the 5th minute against Freiburg, your legs are cut. For better or for worse, this is true.

• That is why it is important for Olympiakos to analyze how this 0-1 happened, which created a different scene in the game from the very beginning.

• First of all, there is no reason for Bowler to commit a foul at that point, i.e. near the area of ​​Olympiakos. Retsos was behind him to face the German player, even if he eluded Bowler, who by the way brings a lot of frivolity to his game. And anyway when you know that Freiburg are an amazing team in set pieces, you can’t give them a foul there.

• So the completely unnecessary foul was committed. See the photo before the foul. The first player in Olympiakos’ zone defense is Ui Joe. And you see where the goalscorer of the Germans is, between Rezzo and Ui Joe.

• See now, in the next photo, where the Freiburg scorer has gone and how far he has left the Korean, who is as if he fell asleep! He hasn’t even gone near him to mark him, to pressure him a little so that he doesn’t get the header as he wants. We are talking about a recital of irresponsibility from a player whose country is, if nothing else, famous for the responsibility of its people.

• How tragic a defense Olympiacos is doing in this static phase, is also shown by a third photo, in which we see Retsu’s position at the time of the foul. While all the other players are more or less in the same line, Retsos has gone further back than anyone else covering the player behind him. That is, if the ball was not intended for the scorer, but for the second German, he would not be offside.

Olympiacos: Four photos that say a lot

• Since we’re talking about offside, see Olympiakos’ defense in the 2-0 phase. Only Vrsaliko has gone offside and the other three are further back (with Retsu’s position worse), all three covering the player who takes the ball. From then on, of course, in the development of the phase, the reaction of both stoppers, Ba and Cisse, was purely amateurish.

Olympiacos: Four photos that say a lot

• Let me remind you that Olympiacos also conceded the third goal yesterday from stoppage time. To be precise, it was a continuation of a Freiburg corner kick and a save by the Olympiakos defense, with the unarmed (in terms of consistency in his game) Bowler taking the ball from Cisse’s header and losing it in the easiest way outside the area of Vatslik. At the same time, Masouras, who by the way did not help in the slightest, has completely left his position in the corner (!) and thus two (!) Freiburg players were left alone. The continuation is known, with one of the two taking the header and passing to two of his teammates, who only had Cisse as an opponent, since Reabciuk was simply watching the situation!

• So two goals from Freiburg from set pieces. Olympiacos scored two more goals from set pieces in the 2-2 draw with Slovan. Raise your hands up…

OTHERWISE: referee Yug may not have played a role in the outcome of the match, but from the first to the last minute he dealt with Olympiakos as if he was with him personally.

Bowler’s contact was immediately fouled at 1-0, but a minute earlier his apparent push on Wee Joe in the same position outside the Freiburg area showed ‘play on’. There, in the very first four minutes, the Slovenian showed his dispositions, who in another moment, in the 67th minute, really provoked by not giving a foul that was committed on the midfielder, whose shirt the Germans went to remove from the drawing.

With the score, however, already then 3-0, who can say what.

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