Smart ways to save energy: Which switches should be closed in the house

Smart ways to save energy: Which switches should be closed in the house
Smart ways to save energy: Which switches should be closed in the house

The energy war with Russia has begun. The EU is preparing its weapons in view of a very difficult winter. Many households are faced with its specter energy poverty.

Open TV’s “Together Now” show presented some smart ways to save energy.

“In order to deal with energy poverty there are some ways, which are expensive, but in the medium and long term will have benefits for households. And these are the interventions both in the building shell of the properties to minimize energy losses, in the matter of cooling and heating, as well as in some behaviors to change in terms of how we manage the devices in our home.

Example: devices that are not used daily do not leave them on stand by because there they also consume energy. Anything plugged in burns. The devices, if there are switches, should be turned off or unplugged, e.g. washing machine, iron, TV, stereo. Appliances that are more energy-intensive such as the water heater.

It’s another way to be careful how we handle the doors and windows in the house. We want the house to be ventilated but we make provision so that the temperature profile of the apartment does not change completely, because then we will have to consume energy at a level of comfort” said the civil engineer of Exkohonomy, Mr. Kontonis.

He also noted that the devices that offer cooling – heating should not set the thermostats to extreme temperatures.

For the program save, he emphasized that it does not cover 100%, and that the beneficiary will have to put his… hand in his pocket, which vulnerable households cannot do. While the increase in the cost of materials derails the project budget.

See what was said on the show “Now together” and about the program save, which will be repeated every year until 2030.

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