Energy crisis – Michel: Spikes to von der Leyen

Energy crisis – Michel: Spikes to von der Leyen
Energy crisis – Michel: Spikes to von der Leyen

The president of the European Council, Charles Michel, is ringing the bell for energy, with references to Ursula von der Leyen, in an interview published by the Belgian newspaper “Le Soir”. At the same time, he criticizes the Putin administration, calling it authoritarian.

“Energy prices, much higher in Europe than anywhere else in the world, are fueling inflation” emphasizes Michel.

This is a situation that we do not discover today, it dates even before the war in Ukraine“, points out the president of the European Council, recalling the conclusions of the Summits of March, May and June, during which energy was at the center and the Commission was unanimously asked to submit proposals on the main energy issues.

Regarding the increase in energy prices, Charles Michel emphasizes that for many months, heads of state and government have been calling on the Commission to work on this issue» and specifically on price caps and the possible need to reform the electricity market.

There was no consensus on what kind of decision should be taken, but there was consensus to call on the Commission to make concrete proposals», stresses Charles Michel, noting that his remarks are not a criticism but a call to the heads of state and government.

There is a sense that the Commission wasted time, and that is unfortunate».

Asked if this delay can be attributed to the technical difficulties of the electricity market, Mr Charles Michel answers:

Technical difficulties are the daily life of the European Union. I cannot accept that this is an obstacle. Today, with natural gas prices multiplied by ten or twelve, the system has been derailed. Electricity prices are rising. And the companies are making huge profits. Before the summer, in a certain Brussels bureaucracy, the idea was alive that it was not so bad after all. Because these companies will likely reinvest massively in the energy transition. A state of mind cut off from political and democratic realities. I think in September ministers need to put the political democratic dynamic back on everyone’s mind».

Continuing, the President of the European Council estimates that “states are in the process of impoverishment“, recalling that 280 billion euros have already been allocated from state budgets to mitigate the effects of the energy crisis on businesses and citizens.

Citizens suffer, companies suffer, states suffer and some energy producing companies make super profits. I do not deny that the subject is complex. But it is unacceptable to stand idle. And it’s hard to explain that, since March, there haven’t been some serious business proposals on the table“, emphasizes Charles Michel.

Appealing “to make decisions quickly“, for fear of social tensions, states: “We must do everything to guarantee the cohesion of our societies. We are in a vicious cycle that must be broken. Energy prices, far higher in Europe than anywhere else in the world, are fueling inflation, which is fueling poverty, reducing growth and threatening jobs. Not to mention the threats to democracy. Authoritarian regimes, Russia in the first place, but not only, are obsessed with the idea of ​​proving that the democratic model cannot produce success, prosperity. One of their strategic goals is to try to create great social tensions to fuel extremism, to fuel populism. »

In conclusion, Charles Michel said that both the French President and the Belgian Prime Minister have told the truth to the people and this must be done. “It is necessary to make citizens aware that very quickly, we will all have to change our behavior in terms of energy consumption,” he adds, starting with the EU and European Council buildings, saying: “The Union must lead by example. Several Member States have done well to recommend or enforce temperature behavior changes during winter or summer. »

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