Famous yacht ‘007’ half sunk

One of the most famous yachts in the world – due to its special style – was found in a semi-submerged state in Kythnos.

The ultra-luxury boat “007” which has associated its name with James Bond, ran aground on Friday night in Kythnos and showed an inflow of water.

In fact, according to the Coast Guard, the yacht was found in a semi-submerged state, while the five passengers, of non-Greek origin, were not in danger. So far the causes of the accident are not known but serious questions remain as to how it happenedthe.

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The announcement of the Coast Guard in detail:

In the evening hours of Friday, the Port Authority of Kythnos was informed by the Unified Center for Coordination of Search and Rescue LS-EL.AKT., that the yacht “007” of the flag of Great Britain, has run aground in the sea area of ​​Kolones Bay, Kythnos with five foreign passengers.

The E/P vessel “DELTA II” T.Saronicou 4760 rushed to the area with a member of the relevant Port Authority on board, where it located the above semi-submerged T/C, at a distance of approximately 15 meters from the western side of the sandy beach of Kolona bay. The passengers, all in good health, transferred to the auxiliary boat and were then transferred to the port of “Mericha” Kythnos.

A preliminary investigation is being carried out by the Port of Kythnos, while no marine pollution was observed since the incident.

See the yacht “007” in the port of Hermoupolis in August 2019:

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