Marcelo: Real’s “Midas” ready for new challenges!

Marcelo: Real’s “Midas” ready for new challenges!
Marcelo: Real’s “Midas” ready for new challenges!

“So I was sitting in the locker room, struggling to breathe, and I thought, how many kids in the world play ball? How many of them dream of playing in a Champions League final? Millions, millions, millions. Calm down. Tie your shoes, bro. I knew if I could get on the field, I would be ok. For me, nothing bad can happen on a football pitch. You may grow up in chaos, everything is falling apart around you, but if you have a ball at your feet, you stop thinking. Everything is quiet, peaceful.

When I finally stepped onto the grass, I was still struggling to breathe and thought, if I have to die here tonight, I will. I will die. Maybe this sounds crazy to some, but you have to understand what this moment means to me. When I was growing up… Real Madrid? The Champions League? They were women! Fairy tale! It wasn’t real! Beckham, Zidane, Roberto Carlos, these guys were as real as Batman. You can’t meet them in real life. You can’t shake a comic book hero’s hand, understand?’

If any historian of the future attempts to describe the personality Marcelo, then nothing else is needed but the particular outbreak. A soul deposition without parentheses and limitations. Unadulterated, unadulterated! An outbreak that in time frame ranks shortly after his final Champions League against the Liverpool and her third straight trophy Real Madrid of Zidane.

Almost guiltily the first feeling is surprise! How does such a guy, who has conquered everything, let stress get the better of him? Why is he still interested after so many achievements? The answer, however, as a sparkling truth and like a punch in the stomach leaves no room for doubt. After all, he puts it better than anyone. Football is his life, his eternal dream. And with a ball at his feet he is able to conquer even the most lively – unexplored parts of the brain.

After all, he had proven it since he was a small child. How many teenagers, coming from the poverty of Rio de Janeiro, can swell with pride and say that one year of professional football in their homeland was enough to attract her attention Real Madrid; How many can say that when they arrived in the Spanish capital they did not succumb to the temptations, the obligations, the expectations, the blinding flashes of the photographers? How many are those who have come to be called myths?

THE Marcelo data belongs to this category. A year in Fluminense, trip to Madrid in 2007 and since then the rest is history. Progressively transformed from a reliable full-back into the best of his generation, forced everyone to compare him with his predecessor and indalma Roberto Carloslifted every (team) trophy there is.

Like an incomprehensible game of fate, however, that final of it Champions League back in 2018, that match that sparked this initial outburst appeared to be the beginning of the end. The descent had entered the rails and his little hand… his most trusted man had unknowingly put his hand in the dislodgement.

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