FORZA with revelations about New Tomba!

FORZA is out today, Saturday 3 September (and all weekend) with new revelations, exclusive reports, news on developments in PAOK, investigations, sports background, news on all divisions of the Doubleheader and a special insert for betting on the best signings,

FORZA in its 301 sheet is full of revelations about PAOK and beyond. Once again, FORZA has the full report on the biggest project in the history of PAOK. Nea Toumba dominates and the information given on the three architectural plans is truly impressive.

Read today what the plans foresee, what are their differences and similarities, who is the Aetos project and the awesome details about the new Gate 4. Read and dream about the new home of PAOK.

Along with all the other reporting, with the transfers, Aris-PAOK, but also Christos Ragatsi about the bet.

FORZA leads the way with respect for its readers and offers that cannot be duplicated

The leading newspaper in sales and readership in Northern Greece, changes the level of information and perception that exists for the sports press

Your wish to read FORZA and FORZA Plus online has come true. Reader friends who do not have access to newspaper outlets can access the newspaper material electronically through

Project “Eagle”! Revealing report about Nea Toumba!

The countdown and the… ten – All the report from the Dikefalo transfer front

The next moves to clean up and strengthen the black and white roster

The keys to happiness, a local derby

Caled Narey, the definition of value for… MONEY!

Background with… PAOK and Toumba from the visit of Kyriakos Mitsotakis to Serres

Inside Stories: The two heavy cards, which were still… heavy, Augusto’s move with meaning, the story with Toulouse, the irritation of Easter, Narei’s… shoes…

ARBITRATION: The vindication of… truth

Forza writers: Kostas Vassilopoulos, Giorgos Kouventidis, Stavros Kolkas, Dimitris Tsorbatzoglou, Kleanthis Valaroutsos, Sotiris Milios, Yiannis Lagogiannis, Vangelis Voulgaris, Stavros Soudoulidis, Theodoros Hastas

Harry Tsingaras, football stories

Interview, Stelios Malezas: “The best gift for us”

Marios Tsaoussis, as if ready for… a long time

Sarandalithias is always serious with humor, Stragali has a hot refereeing report and Indistinct is always ahead of his time

Retro Stories: The most… early date


Interview Christos Saloustros: “Fist in the easy, punch in the difficult”

Background from Courtside: PAOK and the… oenologists, the cafes and the transfer, the transfer of… Mykonos, the new model of ESAKE, PAOK’s Moula, the tradition of departures

Tet-a-tet with Chrysanthos Tsanaxidis: “We can reach high”


Palataki Castle


PAOK, the dynamic comeback

Read on FORZA, reports, background and analyzes for all sections of the A.S. PAOK, tributes to the black and white academies, topics that will illuminate unknown aspects of the reportage

The leading newspaper of Northern Greece presents behind-the-scenes revelations, entertainment suggestions, car and motorsport reports and Super League and EPO issues with the signature of Kostas Pliatsikas

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The article is in Greek

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