Now we can talk about the Premier League | Blog – Michalis Tsochos

Now we can talk about the Premier League | Blog – Michalis Tsochos
Now we can talk about the Premier League | Blog – Michalis Tsochos

Michalis Tsochos writes about favorites and outsiders now that the transfer market is over and we know the rosters…

It no longer makes sense when the Premier League to make estimates, because given the teams until the end of transfers change a lot. Only the Chelsea and the Manchester United after the start of the league they spent almost 400 million euros on transfers. Therefore, we can talk about formed rosters after the 31stthe August and having all the data in our hands.

A class by itself…


Manchester City whenever we talked about them would be in a league of their own. We are talking about the champions of England in 4 out of the last five seasons, which early on added to its roster, the best center forward in the world, Erlin Haaland. You don’t need to dwell especially on the rest of the give and take, since important players left, Jesus, Sterling, Zinchenko, Fernandinho, but quite good ones came in the faces of Alvares, Phillips, Akanzi and of course the transfer of the summer around the world (far of the second, since M’Bappe did not move) Haaland. It will be a big surprise if he doesn’t win the championship again this year.

The title and top four contenders…


Liverpool strengthened less than any other contender. In essence, he gave Mane and took Nunes. The rest just look like supplements, when in reality a major transfer was needed in the midfielders. Lots of injuries at the start and mediocre results with a troubled picture. It will be difficult for him to win the championship, it is unknown if he will be able to seriously claim it, very difficult on the other hand to be outside the top four.


Chelsea has changed a lot. For a team that spent the most of any other team (over 250 million euros) it doesn’t give you the feeling that it was unimaginably strengthened. Possibly because she had a confusing summer and because she paid too much for two really good defenders, Koukoureya and Fofanas who in total cost her around €150m. A bad start, a lot of back and forth and the selection of Aubameyang is a risk to some extent, who, however, in the hands of Tuchel, is unlikely to score 20 goals in the league. He wanted something better in the midfield, he will hardly claim the championship, not unlikely to stay out of the top four.


Good transfers and Conte from the beginning and not from the middle of the season. Are these enough to make her a title contender? I think not, without ruling it out. The reason is that this year Tottenham will play Wednesday, Saturday, difficult matches due to their participation in the Champions League. It’s not the same as in Europa, where for the first few months at least he plays with the second team. Now Kane will have to play Wednesday – Saturday, not easy. I think she will also aim for the top four to maintain her level. Perhaps the need for a title after too many years will make her turn her attention to the Cup, or even the League Cup and this will make the situation more complicated. Richarlison, Bisuma, but also Perisic, Spence, good additions. Favorite for the foursome is the final assessment.


Make me wise and I’ll make you rich, it’s the phase at United. The only thing that is certain is that the four from Brentford did her good. Where he was going to get Rabiot and Arnautovic, the Glazer family in front of the outcry reopened the chests with the hundreds of millions of euros and scattered them to save the situation. I remind you that there is no other team in world football in the last decade that has spent as much as United. Not City, not Paris, not Barca, not Real, not anyone. Casemiro and Anthony were paid dearly, as was Lisandro Martinez, but they are certainly better than the Rabiots of this world, who would sink this ship even more. Don’t be fooled by the very bad start, but neither is the good continuation. Manchester with Southampton was not to beat based on image and with Leicester, played against perhaps the sickest team in the league at the moment. It will be very difficult for him to enter the conversation for the championship, but he will claim the top four.


There are many who open the conversation about whether Arsenal can take or claim the championship, after their impressive presence at the start and five out of five. In my eyes the answer is very easy. No, of course. I don’t even know if they are favorites for the top four. They are clearly better than last year and have probably the best locker room and atmosphere of any other team on the island. But…

In addition to the best, it also has… the smallest dressing room, since in all of Europe you will hardly find a smaller roster in depth than that of the Gunners. Arsenal will name 25 players, but five of the 25 have never worn their shirt in an official match. Arsenal actually with Elneni’s serious injury that will keep him out for months, doesn’t even have two players for each position and of course this year they also have Europe. Arsenal spent less than all of the above (except Liverpool) and despite making three very good signings (Jesus, Zinchenko and Saliba, as the Frenchman now wears their shirt for the first time) and a fourth with great prospects ( Fabio Vieira), has no solutions on the bench. At the 11-team level, I would write that Arsenal will definitely be in the top four and maybe even second or third, but at the level of the overall roster there is an issue. There is not even a substitute for Saka (even Nelson who loaned him in the previous years right and left for a month will still be on the pitches) and its midfield solutions are unimaginably limited with the result that even the young Nketiah is considered top roster member and a player who will play at least 40 matches in the season. Another winger and a central midfielder was the minimum he should have added to the roster. If the 15-16 players that Arteta has at his disposal can last until mid-November, when there is the break for the World Cup and he is strengthened in January, maybe we will change the conversation… Until then, the ceiling is the entrance to the four.


Of the rest, Newcastle seems to be in the best phase. They’ve made some good signings, they’ve got tremendous drive and energy as an organization and their home base will make it difficult for everyone, especially now with the excitement of their friends. But I don’t know if this is enough to necessarily give her a European ticket. It’ll be close, but I’m not betting he’ll even get it.

West Ham, despite their poor start, have made excellent signings. She will find her footing and find her way and challenge for a European ticket for the third year in a row, I have no doubt she will be there and take it or lose it in the details.

Wolves can also be there if they solve the serious problem they have with the goal. Perhaps the addition of Kalajdzic on transfer deadline day is the answer to the problem. Somewhere there will be the Brighton of the “wizard” Potter. It may have lost Bisuma and Kookureya, but it keeps producing players. Maybe she will be the surprise of the championship, if she finds the length she lacked in previous years.

Leeds, Southampton and Crystal Palace will have another season of ups and downs, but I don’t think they will be in danger. One way or another it will be around the top ten. Out of it for a while, in it for a while, but there…

Everyone else will fight to stay. Even Leicester who were not used to us in such situations in recent years. Rodgers is likely to leave soon, the club have not made any signings because they have invested properly in the training center and some of the players who have stayed feel that they have run out and are not there with their heart. Big problem…

Another manager who could leave early is Gerrard. Villa has no material to risk, but Stevie looks very confused with what he has on his hands and there is no clear plan. It is no coincidence that he lost to Bournemouth who will hardly escape. Less confused, but also quite confused by the injuries to his team is Frankie Lampard. Everton put quality in their roster at the end of the transfer window and if they do one or two good results they might not be in danger. On the other hand, two or three more mistakes in a row may cost Franky his place.

As for Brentford, the odds are on their side to succeed this year as well, but obviously this is the goal, staying and nothing more. Their position now at the start is a bit misleading since that 4-0 with United. It won’t be an easy season for the Londoners this year, but they have a relatively good squad.

Of the newcomers, Nottingham made the best transfers, but they need a lot of time to settle. Fulham are a ready and seriously strengthened team and look quite capable of doing well and staying in the division, while Bournemouth are in the most difficult position. And it was the worst team of those that were promoted and there was no serious transfer reinforcement and a coach is looking for. It will be a huge surprise if he succeeds…

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