Vathi Square: Video-documentary of the day’s shootings

The images of the shootings that took place in Vathi Square at noon on Friday (2/9) are shocking.

In the video-documentary that sees the light of day, people appear to be over the injuredtrying to give him first aid while they call an ambulance.

The wild incident from which two people were injured which occurred 10 minutes before three in the afternoon, at the junction of Marni and Acharnon streets, in Vathi Square.

Immediate Action received a call of shots fired at the scene and the first officers to arrive initially located a gunshot wound and three calyces to the point.

Shooting incident in Vathi Square

Shooting incident in Vathi Square

The victim had received three bullets in the chest. Shortly after, a second call to Immediate Action followed, this time for a second injured person with a gunshot wound to the back who went alone to the IKA, in Alexandra Street, who was wounded in the same engagement. The injured from both places were picked up by EKAV ambulances and taken to the KAT Hospital.

In the area there has been a large mobilization by the Police and the perpetrators are being sought, while an investigation is being conducted to establish the motives of the attack which took place in the middle of the day in the heart of Athens with dozens of passers-by.

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The article is in Greek

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