Rafina’s eagle, the hammer in the Kontomina estate, the Norwegian and the burglary in the Mouzaki series | News about the Economy

Rafina’s eagle, the hammer in the Kontomina estate, the Norwegian and the burglary in the Mouzaki series | News about the Economy
Rafina’s eagle, the hammer in the Kontomina estate, the Norwegian and the burglary in the Mouzaki series | News about the Economy

Helloimprobable type o Karamanlis (of Rafina) was elected leader of the N.D. almost by shouting, not to mention… by force from the party leaders in the 5 years that he ruled left the country ready for bankruptcy. This is how the other son G.A.P. received her. and he handed it over to the memos, but let’s not blame him for that either, and… if he were a magician, Papandreou would not have been able to save or destroy the country in nine months of government.

“Dirty Tricks”

– Now Karamanlis, after 15 years of silence and after fully cooperating with those opposite, not in institutional initiatives but in “dirty tricks” against his faction (when you’re not talking about the Novartis setup accomplice you are, and in any case not stupid, to remember what was said by the old editors, H.K. Tegopoulos) found the time to “hit”, apparently believing that he will deal another blow to his faction, which is considered to be the guarantor of its unity. And it tries to do the opposite, to divide her. My opinion is that it does nothing, because as much as the Papandreiki appreciate GAP, the Karamanli people praise the name of Karamanlis of Rafina.

He had planned it

-The “gathering” on both sides of the issue by “Karamanli sources”, as well as by the official representative of the Economou government, happens for obvious reasons. But Karamanlis not only had he designed it;but also left ink (like a cuttlefish) assuring everyone before his speech that he wouldn’t say “anything bad” other than institutional about the case. There were prominent figures in the climate of his statements, Pavlopoulos, Roussopoulos, Antonaros and Karahalios, I don’t know if we had an intervention by Ari Spiliotopoulos. The families of the country quarreled in Crete, oh what awaits us…

Development Bank + MM = Love

-Sources of M.M. I was told yesterday that the Athena Hatzipetrou he is doing a great job at the Development bank and they are going to be announced soon important initiatives of the bank in collaboration with M.M.

New responsibilities (and personnel) for RAE

-And I complete the government work with the plan that is ripening – as I learn – for strengthening the role of the Energy Regulatory Authority supervised today by the professor of the University of Piraeus, Thanasis Dagoumas. The plan handled by Vice-President Panagiotis Pikramenos is a requirement of the RRF and foresees the integration of the water and wastewater sector and waste management into the RAE. The procedures will have to run until October at the latest to meet the requirements of the Recovery Fund, which creates increased mobility in government staff. For M.M. but also the Ministry of the Interior, the strengthening of the RAE’s regulatory and supervisory role stems from the excellent structure and organization of the Authority and the highly qualified scientific staff, which however will need to be reinforced to meet additional needs. Th. Dagoumas has repeatedly spoken about the understaffing of the RAE and the loss of valuable executive potential, which is now becoming an imperative with the “crash” spreading around the headquarters of Piraeus. Anyway, about the new powers the officers of the Authority have been training for a long time, as months ago their grace reached Berlin where they visited a waste factory, getting a first “smell” of the new duties.

Attica Bank appointments

-Because things are being said these days, about timeline of developments at Attica Bankfrom the most competent and reliable sources the column is informed that: The competent Directorate of Credit System Supervision of the Bank of Greece, headed by the Director Mrs. Heather-Denise Gibson (Tsakalotou’s husband) and the General Manager Spyros Pantelias, have not yet received any request to extend the procedures for Attica Bank and consider that the schedules and procedures are progressing smoothly. after all, deadlines are already suffocating. On the other hand, the sources say, it is normal to give the Attica Bank CEO who will implement the new framework agreement, a -short- period of time to read and study what she will be asked to implement. El. Vretto officially assumes her duties as CEO of Attica Bank on September 16, but this is formal as he is already dealing with the bank’s issues. In the meantime, with a touching post 309 words on Facebook, E. Vretou thanked those who helped her realize her childhood dream and made her a “banker”, as he writes. In the column, it seemed somewhat unfair absence of any reference to G. Stournaras who selected her and appointed her to the position.

Maritime women gathered at the Tower of Piraeus

-It is developing into a grand succès for her Demand his project Pyrgos in Piraeus. The project is progressing according to the schedules and the company has already pre-leased 60% of the surface of the Tower, mainly to shipping companies.

The Kontomina estate of 1,332 acres is up for auction

-According to Democritus “the world is a stage, life is a passage.” You came, you saw, you left.” The philosophical mood of the column concerns the next piece of news which is set for 29/3/2023 the auction of the estate of 1,332 acres in Metohi Argolis, which belonged to the late businessman D. Kontominas. In 2021, a real estate agency had put it up for sale, asking (initial price) 30 million. The estate in Ladder position it includes, among other things, four luxury residences, thousands of trees, private beaches up to a helipad, and much more that I do not care to describe. The bottom line is that now the Eurobank he’s auctioning it off. That is why I tell you, what to die a gendarme, what to die a general.

What the Germans of Moody’s saw in Athens

-The Germans, with Public Debt at 65% of GDP, pay 1.5% interest to borrow for 10 years. The Italians they pay 3.95% and Greece 4.17%. Since the beginning of the year, the 10-year Greek Bond has lost 19% of its value. Is this valuation correct? No, since the actual cost of servicing the Greek Debt does not exceed 1.5%. The average maturity of our bonds is 19 years and 8 months, more than twice that of any other Eurozone country. In simple words, because the entire Public Debt is with a fixed coupon, Greece every year pays 4.7 billion euros in interest payments and its borrowing needs do not exceed 12 billion euros a year. In addition, the Greek Economy runs at high growth rates (which constantly improve the Debt/GDP ratio) while inflation (for as long as it is maintained) “eats” the Debt. This is what the Germans of Moody’s saw during their recent visit to Athens and these numbers will be evaluated for investment grade.

The turnaround of DELTA and the new face

DELTA is folding as the situations in the food market (and especially in the dairy industry) have become extremely difficult. THE DELTA adjusts its strategy accordingly and now focuses on Greek dairy market. The company announced yesterday that it sold its subsidiary in Bulgaria, United Milk Corporation, while recently, within a few months, DELTA got rid of many of the unused fixed assets of the past (Tauro and Plateos Imathia Factories), closed loss-making units, etc. Behind the association of DELTA he is the CEO of the dairy industry Christos Tsolkas, who took office at the end of last March and… moved to DELTA from Switzerland. H. Tsolkas was – for many years – production manager at the Papastratos factories in Ukraine and during that time he had to manage various crises. He then briefly found refuge in Switzerland and returned to Greece, taking over DELTA. The irony of fate is that even now he is called upon (again) to manage them problems triggered by the war in Ukraine.

The Norwegian (with the French name), the burglary (?) and the Mouzaki series

– The family disputes of the successors and heirs of Eleftherios Mouzakis are more or less well known in recent times. The latest development concerns one “legal assistant”him Jean Paul Cagnome who is the son of the third daughter of Eleftherios Mouzakis and her Norwegian husband. Jean-Paul Cangnum has testified injunction to break 2 covenants and to have a say in the decisions of the Boards of Directors. However, a lawsuit is pending against the Norwegian because accused of breaking and entering(!) the house of Paraskevi Mouzakis when she died and took possession of securities to which she is not entitled. So, appears as a representative and legal assistant of the two children of the deceased who live in institutions abroad and cannot be represented in person. The series has other episodes…

And we’ll get you a bike

– Next week the Managing Director of TAIPED D. Citizen and the Regional Governor of Attica G. Patoulissign the start of work for the creation of a cycle path which will start from Peace and Friendship Stadium and will reach up to Drowning, along the beach. Length 22 kilometers, of which 13.5 will be proclaimed by the TAIPED and the rest from the Municipalities and the Region.

ELLAKTOR – PPC: Opposite lives

Oi investors they feel more secure today having their money in dollar values. The continued increase in interest rates by the FED also helps. UBS estimates that by Christmas the dollar’s interest rate will be 3.5%, while the euro’s will be close to 2%. So they are abandoning the European shares that are at “war”, as a result of which the average P/E in the major European stock markets has fallen below 11. In this climate the Greek Stock Exchange resists, but without much munitions and that is why he suffers. By the way, please note that, according to Bloomberg, from the beginning of the year until yesterday, in the general index, the stocks with the most profits are ELAKTOR (+35.33%), followed by Motor Oil (+33.45%) and the third best performance is presented by TERNA ENERGY (+29.60%). On the contrary, the greater losses in the same period (always in general index shares) they suffered KECROPS (-46%), h PPC (- 45.16%) and the Plastics of Thrace (-40.20%).

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