(09/01/2022) A.A.: A lot in a nutshell from… Commentary – A few words and a lot

(09/01/2022) A.A.: A lot in a nutshell from… Commentary – A few words and a lot
(09/01/2022) A.A.: A lot in a nutshell from… Commentary – A few words and a lot

Portrait of a Financial Analyst Working on Computer with Multi-Monitor Workstation with Real-Time Stocks, Commodities and Exchange Market Charts. Businesswoman at Work in Investment Broker Agency.

The creation and maintaining high liquidity in portfolios (at least 50%) helps disciplined investors to take advantage of situations like today. Incremental purchases slowly, slowly and at selected targeted targets in advance.

  • Now, if the end of the world has come due to… inflation, interest rates, Ukraine, etc. and we sell them off on the A.X., it is a matter and decision of everyone. Depending on the minds it carries…

Now what does a little boy with not even 55 billion euros (excluding EEE) have to do with the behemoths to be compared and only follow their steps one way, only it is not worthy of questioning when it comes to Greek…investors (sic).

WE HAVE SOLD OUT OF IT but the matter and we do not continue, unfairly wasted time, a lot of effort. That is why they have ruined their portfolios, when they could have made unimaginable fortunes. While they keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

IN THE MORNING with Germany at -1.5%, ours was down to -0.20%. Now GERMANY is below -1% and ours at -1.3%…

FROM this morning Coca Cola HBC shares are down around -4%, with the market opening. We remember the day before yesterday they had it at +4%… Did you say anything? Kids do whatever they want.

HE HAS: Below 200 million euros again their valuation on the board and from 3.5000 euros (slow down the price) return to the land of 3.2000 euros and we’ll see.

SYSTEMIC: They are trying to maintain themselves at current levels and show no signs of decay even in the recent past. Extremely unlucky, since every time they pull their heads out of the pits of problems that have been plaguing them for a whole 14 years (!) more and more rare things happen to them.

INTRACOM: Our antennas (although green, we have good contact with the red) are picking up signals… Let’s see.

TROUBLE: And from 15.30 euros, it retreats in a few sessions with a return to 13.9000 euros. The high interest rates will probably be to blame for her, with such… big debt she is carrying.

CENTRAL: No backing down like he used to… Suddenly we’re going to see things here…

The only thing we fear is her own high debt!! And how will he… serve him, hahaha…

EXTRA: Now it’s their fault – they say – that because the projects she takes on are usually one-year long, she won’t be able to keep her backlog high. We’re going to go crazy, guys, but of course we’re not going to make fun of them. The image of the stock is excellent, which, together with the dividend, maintains a full +35% since our last highlight.

THE JOKE: Everything will become more expensive and only the shares will fall!!! Hey, where did we find all these stars??


  • Chinese Stock’s 13,000% Surge Creates Another US IPO Mystery
  • Chinese Stock’s 13,000% Surge Creates Another US IPO Mystery

(Bloomberg) — Another Chinese firm is baffling investors with massive gains on its first day of trading in the US, following on from stellar debuts for AMTD Digital Inc. and Magic Empire Global Ltd.

  • Hatiri a diamond with the voice of the giant Mitropanos

Your friend the Observer

  • Today at… Observatory Z.K (Representative of terminal Gate 13)


  • This is not a recommendation of an investment strategy with respect to financial instruments or issuers of financial instruments and does not contain any opinion regarding the present or future value of financial instruments. The information and opinions in this document are for the information of the reader only.

This document contains information and estimates which may be significantly revised after the release of the specific document, either due to a review of economic figures by the competent authorities, or because the estimates are revised based on new developments and trends in economies and markets.

  • This document may refer to specific financial data which may not be compatible with the investment horizon + the profile of specific investors. Investing in certain financial assets may involve significant risks and opportunity costs.

Readers of this document are solely responsible for confirming the validity of the information provided as well as for being informed of any revisions of financial quantities and estimates that take place.

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