Kontoleon: Maximos was not informed about attachments – Rubatis: We were listening “indirectly” to Saya

Kontoleon: Maximos was not informed about attachments – Rubatis: We were listening “indirectly” to Saya
Kontoleon: Maximos was not informed about attachments – Rubatis: We were listening “indirectly” to Saya

Under strict security measures, the meeting of the Institutions and Transparency Committee continues for the hearing of former and current administrators of the EYP as well as persons allegedly connected to the link on the mobile phone of Mr. Nikos Androulakis.

Shortly after 16:30, the hearing of the former governors of the EYP Theodoros Dravilas (2012-15), Ioannis Roubatis (2015-19) and Panagiotis Kontoleon (2019-22) as well as the former head of the Prime Minister Grigoris Dimitriadis was completed.

According to information, the former commander of the EYP Panagiotis Kontoleon is reported to have said that the prime minister or his office were never informed of decisions to declassify communications to add that updates were made through official memos on the results of investigations only if this was deemed necessary.

The same sources claim that he refused to refer to the Androulakis case even as to whether the specific file has been destroyed as claimed by publications citing the confidentiality clause.

According to information, the secrecy that governs national security and EYP cases was also invoked by the former GG of the Prime Minister Grigoris Dimitriadis.

Earlier, Mr. Ioannis Roubatis (EYP commander 2015-19) admitted that the EYP under the SYRIZA-ANEL government was “listening” to Mr. Stergios Picsiorlas, then president of TAIPED and Mr. Spyros Saya, former Minister of State of the government of Alexis Tsipras and lawyer during the monitoring period. He clarified, however, that the connection was not made directly to their phones but to the phones of persons who were being checked for the establishment of a criminal organization.

Mr. Roubatis is reported to have said that during his own term of office there was never any monitoring of political figures much more than the then leader of the official opposition Kyriakos Mitsotakis or members of his family.

At the same time, he is reported to have said that a connection made after a proposal by the EYP cannot be illegal by covering in this way the successor of Panagiotis Kontoleon.

Now, in the room where the members of the Institutions and Transparency Committee are meeting, the second group of people has entered, consisting of the current administrator of the EYP Themistocles Demiris, the appeals prosecutor and supervisor at the EYP Vasiliki Vlachou, the appeals prosecutor Konstantinos Tzavellas and the president of the ADAE Christos Rammos. In both meetings the government is represented by the Minister of State Giorgos Gerapetritis.

It should be noted that the committee’s new work is also covered by a regime of secrecy, while according to information there were recommendations to MPs to leave their mobile phones outside the room or to turn them off so that the meeting does not turn into a “sieve” for leaks as happened during the hearing of the new EYP governor Themistocles Demiris last week.

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Christos Bokas

01.09.2022, 16:53

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