Russia; The president of Lukoil is dead – He fell from a hospital window

Russia; The president of Lukoil is dead – He fell from a hospital window
Russia; The president of Lukoil is dead – He fell from a hospital window

Lukoil is Russia’s second largest oil producer.

Another high-ranking official of a Russian energy company was found dead yesterday after falling from a hospital window in Moscow, as reported by the Reuters citing a source with knowledge of the case. The news is also broadcast by Russian media.

It is about the 67-year-old Ravil Maganov, its president Lukoilwhich is the second largest oil producer.

There has been no official comment from Lukoil.

Maganov had worked at Lukoil since 1993, shortly after the company was founded, and was responsible for overseeing refining and production. He became president in 2020. His brother, Neil is the head of the medium-sized Russian oil company Tatneft.

Ravil Maganov was also a close associate of one of the founders of Lukoil, Vagit Alekperov.

The strange suicides of Russian officials

Seven Russian oligarchs, several of whom were active in the oil and gas sectors, died in 2022 under mysterious circumstances.

In early July, the Russian tycoon was found dead from a bullet to the head Yuri Voronov who had connections with Russia’s Gazprom.

In May, the former head of Lukoil, Mr Alexander Shubotin, he was found dead at the age of 43.

In February, Gazprom’s senior finance and security official, the 61-year-old Alexander Tyulakov, was found hanged in his mansion. The police announced that he committed suicide.

Around the end of January, Mr Leonid Shulman, a senior Gazprom executive, was found stabbed to death in the bathroom of his home in Leninsky, near St. Petersburg. Russian state news agency RIA Novosti reported that a farewell note was found near the body.


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