How to change electricity provider, what applies if there are debts on the account, the “fine” print and the pitfalls

How to change electricity provider, what applies if there are debts on the account, the “fine” print and the pitfalls
How to change electricity provider, what applies if there are debts on the account, the “fine” print and the pitfalls

The possibility to change provider is currently free and free of charge, which is why suppliers are obliged to announce the prices of the kilowatt hour every month

With electricity bills on the rise, all households (and businesses) are looking for ways to reduce their costs. One of the ways is to compare the prices of electricity providers to find the one with the most favorable price and possibly change provider.

However, we must be careful that “I change current” is an expression that is often heard but is wrong. The change of electricity provider brings about changes only in the accounting part (cost of kilowatt hours and fixed assets). What has to do with the “quality” of electricity, faults, power outages, and measurement, the competent body is DEDDIE and it offers the same services regardless of the provider.

The new framework adopted allows for “transfers” from one company to another to give consumers the option to work with the cheapest company, given that 10 days before the start of each month, they will know each company’s billing price . The question is how familiar consumers can be with such a process and how often they are willing to engage in the process of change.

The supporting documents to change a provider

The supporting documents that must be presented to the new provider are the following:

Copy of passport or identity card or residence permit/residence permit.

Electricity bill of the property or any document (DEDDIE) showing the property’s supply number or Proof of relationship with the property.

Indication of the meter (e.g. photo) mandatory if the supply number is up to 25KVA.

Notification of VAT number and D.O.Y.

Proof of payment or settlement of the last electricity bill.

The above procedure is also carried out by an authorized person, as long as he has with him:

Certified authorization (original or simple photocopy) from KEP or the competent Superior Authority (Church, State, Embassy, ​​etc.) or Police Authority.

Passport or residence permit, Police ID.

The fine print and the pitfalls

According to the lawyer Ariadni Douka who spoke to OPEN a few days ago, the consumer must pay particular attention to the following:

Monthly fixed charge of 5 euros: “Consumers must pay attention to the contract if the fixed amount of 5 euros in the first phase is mentioned in some months or it is mentioned for the entire duration of the contract.

Electricity supplier discounts: “The prices given by the providers must be distinct from the discounts given by the state subsidy. After all, you remember the RAE’s warnings about providers who presented the subsidies as discounts, even throwing bells

Kilowatt hour limit: “Some providers may give an attractive price for a period of time for 500, 1,000 kilowatt-hours and from then on the price will increase, and indeed quite high. So you should read the contract carefully

Fixed-price contracts: “Some people have fixed-price contracts, e.g. someone took out a contract in June 2022. This at all cannot be changed if the contract is annual until June 2023. It has been observed that some providers have gone to change the fixed tariffs and impose the new charges. This is not possible. It’s illegal.”

Indemnity Clause: “It has been observed in contracts that if you leave me and go to another provider before the contractual term, you pay. This is illegal. Be careful if it is included in the contract to ask for it to be removed from the contractual text.”

The companies will announce monthly their pricing policy for customers who choose the floating tariff. Because pricing is based on forecasts, the possibility of very large changes from month to month is wide open. Those companies that came out in August with a lower price compared to the data that has been formed, it is obvious that they will try next month to raise the prices to cover the… hashura.

And on the other hand, those companies that raised prices to cover the worst case scenario may want to lower prices to avoid losing customers. Well, which company will be cheaper and which more expensive, will emerge after the pricing policies of all companies are announced monthly.

Can I switch providers if I owe money?

In order to change providers, the debts must be paid or settled, otherwise the old provider will not allow the change to the new one. Of course, it does not concern the last bill if the payment date has not passed.

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