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Russia: The president of the Russian energy giant Lukoil committed suicide

Russia: The president of the Russian energy giant Lukoil committed suicide
Russia: The president of the Russian energy giant Lukoil committed suicide

Ravil Maganov, chairman of the second largest oil producer, Lukoil, was killed today after falling from a hospital window in Moscow.

The news is reported by the Reuters agency citing an unnamed source. His death compares fatally with the deaths of many more Russian oligarchs in 2022.

He had called for an end to the Russian invasion

The death of Maganov, according to the Ria agency, has been officially confirmed and it is pointed out that the authorities have rushed to the hospital to investigate the circumstances of his fall.

Maganov was born in 1954 in Almetyevsk, Tatarstan.

After graduating in 1977 from the Moscow Institute of Petrochemical and Gas Industry he started working for Langepasneftegaz and in 1993 he transferred to Lukoil where he became vice president.

Maganov had worked at Lukoil since 1993, shortly after the company was founded, and had overseen refining, production and mining before becoming the giant’s chairman in 2020. His brother, Niall, heads mid-sized Russian oil producer Tatneft .

Maganov was a close associate of one of Lukoil’s founders, Vagit Alekperov. The latter, a former Soviet-era deputy oil minister, resigned as chairman of Lukoil in April, a week after Britain froze his assets and imposed a travel ban on him as part of sanctions over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

It is recalled that since the beginning of March the board of directors of the Russian company had called for an end to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The strange deaths of Russian oligarchs

Seven Russian oligarchs, several of whom were active in the oil and gas sectors, have died between 2022 under mysterious circumstances.

Although they are officially being investigated as suicides, there is no shortage of speculation about possible Kremlin involvement.

At least ten such cases have been recorded since last January. The phenomenon is not unprecedented. In 2017, an investigation by the American newspaper USA Today spoke of at least 38 Russian oligarchs who had died or been declared “missing” within a three-year period.

Of the ten deaths of Russian oligarchs and businessmen in the last six months, nine occurred after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The eight, on the other hand, concern people with a direct or indirect connection with the Russian energy sector. Of these, seven are related to the state giant Gazprom.

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