Why the “speechless” Karamanlis for Novartis and prejudicial, became a “speaker” for the follow-ups

Why the “speechless” Karamanlis for Novartis and prejudicial, became a “speaker” for the follow-ups
Why the “speechless” Karamanlis for Novartis and prejudicial, became a “speaker” for the follow-ups

His first public intervention in more than seven years created strong political impressions, as well as questions about the potential expediency it may conceal. of former Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis on the topic of current affairs and more specifically on the follow-ups from EYP

The expressions used by Mr. Karamanlisbreaking his long-standing silence to address the issue of phone surveillance, caused great surprise in Maximos Palace as well as to several members of the government faction who felt uncomfortable by the -almost… “frenzied”- celebrations of online trolls and also members of the opposition that broke out as soon as it started from the social media networking the reproduction of what he said. The biggest surprise, however, in his ranks blue executive potential it came mainly due to the fact that the surrounding atmosphere of the last few days as well as the assurances of the former prime minister’s interlocutors led to the – wrong, as it turned out – conclusion that the speech he had been preparing for days to deliver at the political memorial service of Yiannis Kefalogiannis in Anogeia would moved away from current affairs and references to major issue of this period, i.e. the follow-ups, would be limited to “politically painless» highlights for a full investigation of the case.

In defiance of all this, however, Mr. Karamanlis proceeded with a relatively extensive report on the controversial issue, while he chose words and expressions with strong political symbolism, such as the “gloomy shadows for the democratic normality“, while also taking clear distances from the official government narrative, arguing that “the invocation of privacy in such cases is subordinated to the need to purify public life”.

“It is clarity and transparency after all, fundamental demands for lawful and orderly public life”, he said, starting the relative disgust of his speech. “Even more so when issues arise such as that of the telephone monitoring of a political leader, a journalist or any citizen,” he continued to emphasize: “In such situations, the purification only occurs as long as they are fully clarified. The issue is so heavy and serious that it is not allowed and cannot be tolerated that there should be shadows left behind for the democratic normality. Light then! Bright light!».

However, the former prime minister did not stop there, but continued with even sharper words about the government, saying: “That these events were caused by a government initiative is not only undemocratic and illegal, but beyond all limits of morbid imagination and politics nonsense that is unimaginable. However, there remains an urgent need to clarify who and with what justification requested such a thing and who and how approved it. The invocation of privacy in such cases it submits to the need to purify public life”.

Returning, once again, to the need for investigation, the former prime minister concluded: “Everything is in the light, and from then on, and with cross-party cooperation, the corrections of the institutional regime that governs the lifting of telephone secrecy and the general operation of the secret services. These elementary things to prevent further discrediting of the institutions”.

Embarrassment at the official reactions

His communication mechanism was awkward at first Megarou Maximos tried to downgrade the importance of the ex-prime minister’s resounding intervention. In this context, a decision was made not to comment on his reports, while subsequently, under the pressure of the journalists, who wanted the “reaction” of the government, low-key commentary was chosen from government sources, who, indirectly responding to Mr. Karamanlis, stated the following:

“From the first moment when the case of connecting Mr. Androulakis’s phone came to light on the initiative of the government, it was emphasized that there is a need to full answers are given, respecting the provisions of the law on privacy and the regulation of the Parliament. That is why all the parliamentary procedures were initiated immediately, while the case is also being investigated by the judiciary”.
The same sources recalled that today, Thursday, “the Institutions and Transparency Committee and the meetings of the Commission of Inquiry will follow”, as well as that “the prime minister has requested proposals from the parties in order for there to be institutional improvements that will ensure the effective operation of the security services with full respect for democratic principles”.

…rage at informal placements

Unofficially, however, the commentary on what Mr. Karamanlis said was much more intense, as officials of the government faction wondered “how is it possible that the former prime minister, who has been speechless since 2009 and lost the elections, who spoke all these years alone time with the taped message to support “YES” in the 2015 referendum, to suddenly become so vocal about this particular issue.”

The same executives reminded that “Mr Kostas Karamanlis he didn’t find a single word to say when, with the protagonists of his old associates, the biggest scandal of all time was set up with the Novartis case and prominent politicians from his own faction, such as Samaras and Avramopoulos, but also from others, were hanged on the pegs places, such as Venizelos, Stournaras or even Panagiotis Pikrammenos who had burst into sobs from floor of the Parliament».

In addition, other actors of the blue camp noted that “Karamanli’s intervention comes at a time when public opinion polls show that citizens have other priorities and the government has launched the procedures to investigate all complaints, without, however, harm national security”.

Moreover, there were also those government officials who recalled the earlier sharp remark of Evangelos Venizelos, who spoke of the “Karamanlian third component of the government of SYRIZANEL“, highlighting the fact that while the former prime minister himself was silent, people who spoke on his behalf supported the government that Alexis Tsipras had formed with Panos Kamenos.

Finally, some reminded that last Friday Mr. Tsipras had called on the ND MPs to overthrow Kyriakos Mitsotakis, while it had not gone unnoticed absence from the particular meeting by Kostas Karamanlis.

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