American man killed his daughter’s ex while trying to break into the house

American man killed his daughter’s ex while trying to break into the house
American man killed his daughter’s ex while trying to break into the house

The shocking moment when one American father shot and killed his daughter’s ex-boyfriend while trying to break into his home was caught on security camera, with the video making the rounds on the internet.

The bloody incident took place at the end of last July in Ohio. In the clip published just two days ago by the local station WHIO-TV 7the 22-year-old James Ryle he is seen trying to open the door after being asked to leave by family members inside the house.

Ignoring them, the young man starts pounding on the wooden door with his shoulder, trying to break it down.

At some point, his voice is heard Mitch Ducrosfather of the 22-year-old’s ex-partner, to warn him that he is armed.

Finally, the door is breached and opened, followed by three shootings, which injure Ryle. The 22-year-old descends the courtyard steps and manages to walk a few meters before finally collapsing. Paramedics who arrived at the scene pronounced Ryle dead, having received two bullets in the shoulders and one in the back.

In the call that preceded Immediate Action, a woman who describes the intruder as her ex-boyfriend is heard telling her father that Ryle is trying to break down the door. “Dad, is he trying to kill me?” she is heard asking anxiously. After Ducros shoots Ryle, his daughter is heard telling him that “it was all he could do” and that he saved her life.

Earlier this month, jurors in her court of Shelby County decided to acquit Ducros of charges related to the 22-year-old’s death, citing a state law that says a homeowner has no legal obligation to try to evacuate before opening fire.

Ryle’s family have reacted with anger to the news that the man who killed the young man will not face any further consequences. “Mitch shot him in the back and killed him. I hope your days are unhappier than ever, you and your daughter are disgusting.’

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01.09.2022, 08:29

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