The truth about the Greek S-300s and the Turkish F-16s

The truth about the Greek S-300s and the Turkish F-16s
The truth about the Greek S-300s and the Turkish F-16s


The explosion of Tayyip Erdogan and his extreme rhetoric, as well as that of his direct collaborators, is directly linked to the array of Russian S-300s that Greece has installed in Crete and its frequent activation for specific needs of the Alliance, but also of Israel .

According to “Jungle” cross-sources, the S-300 anti-aircraft – anti-missile system, which finally after incredible diplomatic adventures ended up in Greece, after first being purchased from Cyprus, is activated much more regularly than believed.

It is completely ready for war, it is in excellent technical condition, it is well oiled and it comes out of its hiding places when the Americans, as well as the Israeli pilots, need to practice.

The first, that is, the Americans and by extension the NATO in general, are trying to understand in practice and in real conditions how the Russian system works, which by all accounts seems to behave more effectively than the corresponding American-made Patriot system.

After all, the pilots of the allied countries must be trained in real conditions and with real interception systems against them. Greece’s S-300 system offers a prime opportunity.

The second reason why the Greek S-300 array is activated very often is because it is training Israeli pilots. As is well known, Iran’s anti-aircraft and anti-missile defenses rely heavily on S-300 systems, which Tehran has procured from Russia. The pilots of Israel, who very often carry out exercises in Greece in special places and geographical areas that resemble the Iranian landscape, have the opportunity to train in real conditions of threat from Russian S-300 on Greek soil.

All of the above are known to the NATO Headquarters, in Naples, Italy, as well as to the General Headquarters of the Alliance in Brussels. After all, the Headquarters of Naples, on the basis of a specific MOU that has been agreed on a tripartite basis (NATO – GREECE – TURKEY), receives an online image from the Aegean on a permanent basis. That is, the Alliance Headquarters knows with absolute precision what is happening at any moment in every corner of the Archipelago.

So, when the President of Turkey and the Minister of Defense, Hulusi Akar, allegedly “reveal” that the Greek S-300 air defense system was activated during NATO exercises, they are obviously violating open doors. Ankara and the Turkish staff know inside and out how the Greek anti-aircraft array is used for the needs of the Alliance, the US and Israel.

Using this frequent activation of the system at this point in time betrays the intentions of the Turkish side.

He uses the known reality to mislead Turkish public opinion for the following reasons:

  1. Cultivating a climate of war tension and frontal conflict in the Aegean at a time when, as it seems, the scenario of Turkey’s invasion of Syria is being cancelled.
  2. To widely cultivate the impression that the US is turning a blind eye and arming Greece, despite the fact that it has a Russian S-300 system, while punishing Turkey which has procured Russian S-400s which it has never activated.
  3. To escalate the pressure on Washington for the immediate supply of modern F-16s, but possibly also F-35s, to Turkey, because there cannot be two standards in dealing with the two Allies from the US. Greece and Turkey.
  4. To perceive the activation of the Greek S-300s as an “existent threat” to Turkey’s security and thus to lure Greece into a trap where there will be an “accident” or an “inevitable strike”. In other words, there should be an unshakable alibi that would justify military action on the part of Ankara.
  5. To strengthen the Turkish argument that the escalating militarization of the Aegean by Greece puts Turkey in “legitimate” defensive behavior.

For all these reasons, the Turkish side escalates and informs that it will send NATO photographic documents from the activation of the Greek S-300 array in Crete. But NATO and the Headquarters of Naples have already been informed and even online about the whole case.

There is, however, another version, which is not acknowledged by the Greek side, but is whispered in the diplomatic corridors. So, according to the “Omega Press” website, the supposedly surprising and completely known information about the regular activation of the Greek S-300s, which is promoted so much by the Turkish media and Ankara, aims to cultivate the ground to become finally accepted the proposal of NATO and the USA to transfer the Greek battery to Ukraine. This is a prospect which would bring Moscow and Athens into direct confrontation.

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