Mikhail Gorbachev: What was the red mark on his forehead

Mikhail Gorbachev: What was the red mark on his forehead
Mikhail Gorbachev: What was the red mark on his forehead

All the social media images and farewell articles of Mikhail Gorbachev have one thing in common. The red mark on his forehead.

In fact, as the Washington Post informs us, the mark on the political leader’s forehead has been the subject of discussion several times – in 1987.

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But what was this mark, also known as “red wine spots” because of its dark red color?

Gorbachev’s condition

As the media reports, this is a birthmark resulting from a condition called “naevus flammeus” (which in Latin means “flaming sea”). It is caused by a blood vessel malformation and usually appears as a flat patch of red skin.

These spots appear mainly on the face and hands and remain on the skin throughout the person’s life, with the possibility of fading a little along the way.

Although these marks do not require medical intervention, many choose to remove them for cosmetic reasons. There are various techniques available, such as laser or even tattoos.

These signs are usually not alarming, but in rare cases they can lead to Sturge-Weber syndrome, which can cause various disorders, even glaucoma.

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