Felony prosecution of Evi Vatidou for a traffic accident

Felony prosecution of Evi Vatidou for a traffic accident
Felony prosecution of Evi Vatidou for a traffic accident

JUSTICE 12.11.23 19:42


The model and ex-wife of Alexis Kouya will remain in custody until Monday when she will apologize to the investigator.

Felony prosecution was brought against Evi Vatidou today regarding her involvement in a traffic incident in Glyfada, on Saturday night.

The former model was taken to the Public Prosecutor who brought a felony charge against her for grievous bodily harm committed and attempted. Afterwards, Mrs. Vatidou was taken to an investigator from whom she requested and received a deadline for her apology. By order of the Investigator, Ms. Vatidou will remain detained until she apologizes, which is expected to happen tomorrow Monday, and not next Thursday as was initially known.

According to what has become known, the defendant allegedly chased the driver of a motorcycle, in which a woman was also riding, on the occasion of damage they allegedly caused to her car’s mirror. The intensity of the incident seems to have escalated and the accused allegedly rammed the machine injuring the woman.

According to the ex-husband of Evie Vatidou, the well-known criminologist Alexis Kougia, the defendant was attacked by someone riding a motorcycle who started cursing and threatening her.

“My ex-wife tried to contact the police with the windows down. Then he took off his helmet and started hitting the car and at the same time he broke and lowered her mirror. He literally ripped him off. When he realized that my ex-wife was calling the police, then he got on the motorcycle – which had no license plates – and left.” Then Evi Vatidou followed the driver of the motorcycle by road, who went to difficult places in Ano Glyfada and, as reported by Mr. Kougias, at some point the machine overturned as a result of which the woman was injured.

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