They had suggested I do a nude photo shoot

They had suggested I do a nude photo shoot
They had suggested I do a nude photo shoot

The unknown proposal revealed by Katerina Papoutsaki!

On the occasion of her new photo shoot for a well-known magazine, Katerina Papoutsaki revealed to Break’s camera the proposal she received in the past for a nude photo shoot, the most provocative one which she regretted and also the photoshop!

“Have you been offered a concept for a photo shoot that you rejected without a second thought?” asked initially the journalist of the SKAI show, to which Katerina Papoutsakis replied “yes! Concept…

It was a long time ago, when I was recommended by a well-known magazine with nude photos”.

“Another photo shoot concept, which I did, I regretted during it. I was very young and when I was in this photo shoot, which was for a very famous magazine and needed to be a bit more challenging than I could handle, I pushed myself a lot and pushed the photographer too.

Since we are now still discussing this incident. Because I wasn’t ready to expose myself so much in a more challenging photoshoot and I was in trouble.”

“Many times I’ve been overly photoshopped. And you say: why so much? Am I that bad?” stated, at another point of the interview, Katerina Papoutsaki at noon on Sunday.

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