Attack on children’s hospital in Gaza: Protesters outside Netanyahu’s house

Attack on children’s hospital in Gaza: Protesters outside Netanyahu’s house
Attack on children’s hospital in Gaza: Protesters outside Netanyahu’s house

The director of al-Nasr Children’s Hospital spoke after the hospital’s services were suspended after it was shelled by Israeli forces, causing severe damage to the facility.


The Houthi announcement about the attack on Eilat

The Houthi military spokesman in Yemen claimed responsibility for the shelling of Israel and said that “our forces fired a number of ballistic missiles against various and sensitive targets in southern Israel, including targets in Eilat.”

One of the most important hospitals in the country

“Our facilities were attacked twice today. The first targeted the gate, while the second was a direct hit on the hospital wards. The buildings suffered massive damage.

Intensive care units and neonatal incubators are now without oxygen supply. The entire hospital is without power, except for the ICU, where I am now. I am currently following eight patients. If the power goes out at any time, they will surely die.

A few days ago, due to the relentless shelling, the power went down for a few minutes and we lost a patient in this ICU.

“The situation is beyond bad. We are trapped here. No ambulance or any other vehicle can access the premises. Every ambulance heading to the hospital is targeted by Israeli warplanes.

There is currently a victim with severe bleeding in the emergency room. We can’t even send him to another hospital.

Every person who enters or leaves the hospital is a target. Again, this is an SOS message to the Red Cross, Red Crescent and all international organizations to act quickly not only to save the dying patients and victims who remain in the ICU, but also the medical teams working in this hospital”.

Eilat is a target again, they “point” to the Houthis

Israel’s military said it used its long-range Arrow defense missile to intercept the missile, adding that it did not cross Israeli territory.

The incident occurred after an alert was raised in the southern city of Eilat. Earlier today, a drone struck a building in the city.

Israel said it believed the drone had been launched from Yemen, without elaborating.

The Yemen-based Houthis have claimed responsibility for several missile and drone attacks against Israel since the beginning of the war. They did not immediately claim the latest attacks.

Protesters outside Netanyahu’s house after a humanitarian ceasefire was refused

About a hundred protesters near Netanyahu’s home in Israel.

“Return Abductees Now”

About a hundred people are protesting near Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s home in Jerusalem, calling for “the abductees to return now.”

Protesters instead set up a playpen and sang lullabies “for the kidnapped children”.

It is also noted how earlier Netanyahu’s office announced that the four-hour daily humanitarian ceasefire, as announced by the White House, is not valid.

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