AEK is too hospitable (and) on the grass! | Blog – George Tsakiris

AEK is too hospitable (and) on the grass! | Blog – George Tsakiris
AEK is too hospitable (and) on the grass! | Blog – George Tsakiris

Giorgos Tsakiris records the facts of the defeat by Marseille, focuses on the unique things we experienced in New Philadelphia and in the two finals that follow.

After prevailing in England on her Brighton and the draw with him Ajax in New Philadelphiawhere we are still tormented by that unrepeatable opportunity of his Johnson towards the end of the match with them Dutch peopleI noted the excitement, that her task will be quite difficult AEK. She already had four points in the first two matches, however, in a group like hers Unionthe most difficult and demanding of all the Greek teams, it was a given that qualification in terms of Europa League it would be difficult to impossible once the two were not made.

On the contrary, I emphasized (and others of course) that despite the fact that the team already had four points, they will not be enough even for the 3rd place, as is the case for example with his group Olympiakouwherever 1 had until his confrontation with Tombolait would be enough for him to win the game between them at Faliro to qualify, even with 4 points! The two games with her followed Marseillewhich in the meantime changed coaches and went from naive to tight and tough, no points were won and now the AEK she goes to her last two games for qualifying finals, or ensuring if one prefers, the continuation in Europe and Spring.

THE Brighton now justifies the role of favorite in the group and the Marseille of the team that will compete with them Englishmen the first and second ticket to continue to Europa. Obviously you never know what the future has in store for you, not even what two AEK wins in the following matches might mean, but in my own eyes and in my own thinking, what it seems that the doubles will claim is third place . Something not easy to achieve since her opponent in this effort will be Ajaxwho in whatever playing situation he is in, is always a very heavy shirt in Europe…

It is certain that the AEK it should not be proved, for starters with Brighton within, as exceedingly hospitable (and) on the grass, as he did with her Marseille. Apparently they didn’t allow her to French who looked and were tougher, stronger and in some parts of the match, faster than his players Matias Almeida. In general, this appearance of her AEK in News Philadelphia must belong together with the match against Antwerp among the worst at home by far… If we exclude a good 10 minutes mainly in the second half, with proper pressure, development and generally responding to the coach’s plan, in the rest of the match she was not the one ought.

Garcia’s chance and the midfielders’ bad night…

In these matches, of course, with such opponents and when you are on such a night (at least average), you are required to be effective in the two or three opportunities that will be presented to you. Especially like the one starring him Levi Garcia in the header from the height (almost) of the small area in his cross Amrabad! With opponents such as Marseille the… half a moment should be a goal, let alone an unrepeatable one like his Garciasince he was alone and undisturbed towards Pow Lopez! The moment to get back into the game then AEK lost and then (and after escaping the 0-2 deficit) she was presented with another one where in the regular phase her luck turned her back when the French in every possible and improbable way the ball from their goal!

On the counterattack after a minute it was 0-2 and the modest ceremony came to an end… Having a modest Pinedaon a bad day Gacinovicout of rhythm him Levi Garcia and in shallow (quite) waters Amrabad, AEK could hardly hope for anything more in this particular match. Because it’s about all your midfielders and only o Latch he tried and seemed to stand out a bit until he tired too (after 65′). This also happens in football, if you don’t get a shot from all your… forwards, nobody and therefore logically you don’t get anything from the game in general.

The opponent is also playing and so are his players Gattuso they responded wonderfully regularly. I repeat: non-stop running, not frivolous play, individual quality and toughness in the defensive and possession phases. She didn’t play any baller Marseille, obviously I don’t mean that, but she was solid and knew how to take advantage of her moments and her opponent’s mistakes. Because that’s how he scored the first goal, for which he is also responsible Athanasiadisbut also the Hadjisafi which leaves the marking player looking at the ball! Even in the second goal, the mistake is his Mandalawho, however, appeared to be tired (physical fatigue that also caused fatigue in quick thinking and reaction).

Chances for him to stay in this match AEK has not. You don’t even need to. He can look no further than the match with her Brighton and seek to do what he did in Island against the Seagulls. However, the match at Philadelphia parts will be more difficult for her AEKagainst one of the favorites to win the event, since he now knows it Join and wants first place in the group for direct qualification to the round of 16 Europa League. There is also the football ego for his team De Jerbysince he has only one defeat in the group and that against Biceps!

Hyg: Three days of absolute hospitality and unique moments between AEK and Marseille fans. After what we experienced in Marseille, I considered it difficult to impossible for the fans of the Union to do something similar for their brothers from France. And yet they exceeded all expectations and made the people of Marseilles, all of them regardless of the fan club they belong to, keep saying for two or three nights that they are in their city with their family. The atmosphere in the stadium is also amazing, the moment when the people of Marseillaise keep shouting AEK and Original while at the same time the players of the French team go around the stadium to applaud the Union audience and reach the Original 21 horseshoe ( where a couple of players threw their jerseys into the audience). Tomorrow we will write more about everything that is not described in a single postscript…

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