Are you ready for four Greek teams in the Conference League? | Blog – Yannis Seretis

Are you ready for four Greek teams in the Conference League? | Blog – Yannis Seretis
Are you ready for four Greek teams in the Conference League? | Blog – Yannis Seretis

It is now very possible, after the end of the fourth matchday in the groups of the European competitions, that we will see all four Greek teams in the Conference League in 2024. How and why in detail…

So, in the snapshot of the 4th matchday of the European groups, the most likely scenario for the four “Europeans” is faintly visible. All in the Conference League whose final will be held at the OPAP Arena! Won’t it taste good?

PAOK is already there. But we do not know if (with the first place in his group) he will play directly in the “16” or if (with the second place) he will continue in the play offs (in the “24”) facing a team from the Europa League. Today they dropped the first points in their group after already going overboard with 3/3 wins, but they didn’t really lose anything against Eintracht Frankfurt in the battle for first place. “X2” wanted, “X2” wants in Germany in three weeks. He could have won tonight if he was more careful defensively or more accurate, but in Europe you pay more for your mistakes than in the league…

This was understood at… 1000% today by Panathinaikos who managed to lose 3-1 to Rennes playing for 62 minutes with one more player and with the score at 1-1. Jovanovic had spoken yesterday about avoiding mistakes and focusing, but the Greens had none of that in the second half. In fact, they were defeated with two own goals (blunder by Brignoli at 1-0, Penalty by Vilena at 3-1) and a counterattack for which… five players are responsible (at 2-1), but in the second half they failed to find solutions and opportunities against the double defense zone of the French. They did one and all, with Sporar in the 85th minute. And they were defeated 3-1 without even one save from Brinioli being recorded!

Many players fell short, Jovanovic said everything right in the press conference, but he also made mistakes with the most important and… deafening substitution of Cerin and not Vilena in the 46th minute to bring in Juricic who was again disappointing, as and in Lamia… Panathinaikos is now third and to enter the duo they must do a “double” in Spain: pale…

Olympiacos was excellent in London! Led by the very stable Alexandros Paschalakis, he ran a lot, pressed properly, took the match with West Ham at the pace he wanted, he didn’t “fish” for a single moment in London, but he didn’t manage to look threatening except in the last ten minutes (especially with the crossbar of Kamaras in the 86′) and was defeated by a moment of the English with the goal of Paketas in the 74′. However, in order to get one of the first two places, they must overcome Germany and win over Freiburg. Difficult, but not impossible!

As for AEK? Her friend Marseille hurt her deeply. She didn’t get a single point in two matches! It left them in third place and the Union will play “all for all” in the next game against Brighton at the OPAP Arena, only asking for a win, so that with three points in the last game against Ajax in Amsterdam, they will beat the English team in the draw!

Because in the same (last) matchday, Marseille will logically go to Brighton… take it easy, having already secured first place in their group. The Union could get a draw today, they had very good periods in the second half when they missed their most important chances, but they did not manage to get a single point, which would have been valuable, because in the last match Marseille would not be ” indifferent’ in England…

Therefore, at the moment for all three – except PAOK – the most likely scenario is to finish in third place and continue in the Conference League, trailing Ajax (AEK), Maccabi Haifa (Panathinaikos), and Batska Topola (Olympiakos). . Let’s see what the last two games have in store…

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