TIN on 12-year-old machines from next Monday – Newsbomb – News

TIN on 12-year-old machines from next Monday – Newsbomb – News
TIN on 12-year-old machines from next Monday – Newsbomb – News

TIN: Starting next week, more than 300,000 minors who turn 12 by 12/31/23 will get their first lifetime tax number

From next week, the measure of automatic issuance of VAT numbers to children aged 12 years will come into force, in order to relieve parents of the hassle of issuing them.

The measure established for the first time by AADE, next Monday 13 November, will grant more than 300,000 minors aged 12 and over, the number they will have with them for life.

Specifically, minors who have reached or will reach the age of 12 on 31/12/2023, will automatically obtain a VAT number based on the 2022 income tax data and the parents’ AMKA data as verified by the Civil Registry.

The identification of minors and their parents is done digitally and parents will be informed of the TIN assigned to their child electronically in the following ways:

  • Electronic notification to the email they have registered with the tax office
  • Post on the myAADE digital portal, under the path Register/Contact / my messages

Also, the details of the minor’s TIN will henceforth be displayed as “related TIN” in the image of the natural person relations of the parents in the Registry category on the myAADE digital portal.

It is estimated that in this way more than 350,000 minors will obtain a VAT number, while to date the applications each year range around 80,000.

The goal in the next phase is to issue VAT numbers to all children from the first year of their age.

The AADE clarifies that by obtaining a VAT number, the minor does not become liable to submit a tax return, unless there are reasons such as the provision of his personal work and a pension due to the death of one of his two parents.

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