Fierce fighting in central Gaza: Video of hostages from Islamic Jihad – “4-hour daily pauses” announced by the White House

Fierce fighting in central Gaza: Video of hostages from Islamic Jihad – “4-hour daily pauses” announced by the White House
Fierce fighting in central Gaza: Video of hostages from Islamic Jihad – “4-hour daily pauses” announced by the White House

The cordon around the Hamas headquarters in Gaza City is now suffocating, while the bombardment is intensifying near the Al Shifa hospital, which is considered the base of the organization. At the same time, a complicated scene is taking shape regarding the ceasefire in Gaza. THE Biden proposed a three-day pause in the conflict, but Netanyahu’s office said “there will be no ceasefire without the release of the hostages”. The White House spoke about agreement on “4-hour pauses in northern Gaza areas every day” with the Israeli military saying “No ceasefire in Gaza, only short, local pauses.”

Its directors are located in Doha Mossad and her C.I.A for negotiations on the release of hostages with the Prime Minister of Qatar.

Fighting in the heart of Gaza

On ten whole hours, Israeli soldiers are exchanging fire with Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists and have succeeded, they said, in capturing one of the group’s strongholds, known as Outpost 17, located west of Jabaliya.

THE IDF announced that it had discovered a Hamas weapons workshop, seized the weaponry and killed dozens of terrorists.

The Israeli military later released images of the discovery and subsequent detonation of dozens of the organization’s tunnels. Soldiers descend on the labyrinthine network, also known as the Gaza Metro.

Fierce were the battles in Beit Lahia from air and ground. The Israeli army announced that it had killed him Ibrahim Abu-Maghsib, Hamas chief of anti-tank missiles in central Gaza.
The French agency publicized caravans of people leaving the north for the south of Gaza.

“We saw 50,000 Gazans move from the northern Gaza Strip to the south. They are leaving because they understand that Hamas has lost control of the north and that the south is safer,” he said. Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari.

Gaza accepted wild pounding during the 13th night of ground operations. Cameras are also recording explosions next to al-Shifa hospital, Gaza’s largest, terrorizing patients and those who have taken refuge there. Tel Aviv maintains that Hamas is using the ambulances to transport its gunmen undetected and has released an intercepted conversation.

The picture of the battlefield is different from the Hamas videos, which show al-Qassam gunmen confronting the Israeli army and destroying tanks. So far 39 Israeli soldiers have lost their lives.

Deadly Raids in West Bank – Fears of Spillover War

On the West Bank front, new raids on cities and camps were carried out by the Israeli army… At least eight people lost their lives, while in the city of Jenin the destruction is enormous.

Yemen’s Houthis have released the video of the attack on an American drone. The Pentagon confirmed the downing, while concerns are also being raised on the Syrian front where local media reported that Israel and the United States struck targets in the area.

Video of 2 hostages released by Islamic Jihad

The armed wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad organization in Gaza is preparing to release two Israeli hostages, a 77-year-old woman and a teenage boy, for humanitarian and medical reasons, a spokesman for the Al-Quds Brigades said today in a recorded message.

Islamic Jihad today released a video of the two Israeli hostages it is holding in Gaza, who are among the nearly 240 hostages held by Hamas since its deadly October 7 attack, saying it was ready to release them “if conditions are met security”.

“We are ready to release them on humanitarian grounds when the security conditions on the ground are met,” said a spokesman for the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, the group fighting alongside Hamas against Israel in the Gaza Strip.

White House announces 4-hour pauses – War in Gaza will not stop until hostages are freed, Defense Secretary reiterates

A complex scene is formed in relationships USA and Israel against the backdrop of the war with Hamas, since while the White House announced a 4-hour ceasefire, shortly after Netanyahu’s office rejected a ceasefire for the hostage exchange.

It all started when the White House spokesman announced that: “Israel will begin implementing four-hour humanitarian pauses in northern Gaza every day to allow civilians to leave.”

Israel has not agreed to any truce with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, but will continue to allow short, localized pauses for humanitarian aid to pass through, the Israeli military said.

In particular, Israel’s defense minister said today that the army is receiving “local precision measures” in the Gaza Strip so that Palestinian refugees can leave and escape the clashes with Hamas, referring to the four-hour “pauses” announced earlier by Washington.

“These things will not distract us from the war,” said Mr Joab Gallant when asked by a reporter about the announcement made by the US, which he did not directly comment on.

Gallant said he considers the children held hostage by Hamas “his own”, stressing that the war in Gaza will not stop until they are freed. Israel will get to every Palestinian involved in the October 7 attack, “even if it takes years,” he added.

According to the Israeli minister, the army is using “new methods” in its operations to locate and destroy Hamas’ underground tunnels.

Hamas: There is no agreement with Israel and “negotiations” continue

Taher al Nono, political adviser to Hamas leader Ismail Haniya, he said today that “negotiations,” which he did not specify, were continuing and no agreement had yet been reached with Israel.
The organization’s official did not elaborate further in his statement posted on the Hamas Telegram channel.

Haniya and other Hamas officials held talks with Egypt’s intelligence chief on the situation in Gaza today. Haniya’s visit to Cairo comes at a time when Qatar is negotiating the release of hostages held by Hamas in exchange for a short-term ceasefire. In this context, Israeli and US intelligence chiefs discussed the possibility of a “humanitarian pause” with Qatari officials in Doha today, a source with knowledge of the talks said.

Egypt had been involved in the earlier talks that led, late last month, to the release of two women kidnapped by Hamas on October 7. Traditionally, the Egyptian intelligence services are the ones who manage negotiations between Palestinian movements or between Israelis and Palestinians.

Source: ERT – Transmission: Giorgos Sideris, camera: Fotis Pantos, sound: Antonis Kypraios

Reporting: Cleo Nikolaou, Leda Papadopoulou

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