Marseille LIVE for matchday 4 in the Europa League

Marseille LIVE for matchday 4 in the Europa League
Marseille LIVE for matchday 4 in the Europa League

“Battle” to take a decisive step in qualification! AEK welcomes Marseille, for the 4th matchday of the Europa League groups, with the aim of getting its first European victory at the OPAP Arena which will keep it on… European track.

Big night for AEK at OPAP Arena. The Union hosts Marseille and has the opportunity to take a decisive step, for its stay in the European Cups in 2024, inside the OPAP Arena.

With a victory against Marseille, AEK will have almost “locked” its participation in the Conference League, as third in the 2nd group of the Europa League. Her big goal, however, is to take a decisive step towards qualifying for the “16” of the Europa League.

AEK has not won in a home match of a group of European competition, for 13 years! The last time was on September 16, 2010, when they beat Hajduk 3-1 in the Europa League group stage. Since then, they have played 15 home matches in the group with a record of 10 losses and 5 draws.

Watch LIVE from the progress of the match

OPAP Arena is packed, with PAE AEK announcing sold out. At the same time, the fans of the two teams confirmed once again their… fraternal relations, something that had also happened in the “Velodrome” match, where AEK had been defeated 3-1.

For its part, AEK has requested – through several announcements – from its fans, to behave secularly, because the OPAP Arena is in danger of being closed by UEFA.

Referee: Nyberg (Sweden)

Subs: Baiji, Senterqvist (Sweden)

4th: Estling (Sweden)

VAR: Cuadra, Grado (Spain)

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