Barca: How he took a position against Kainourgiou

Barca: How he took a position against Kainourgiou
Barca: How he took a position against Kainourgiou

The feud that broke out between Katerina Kainourgiou and Fai Skordas is the “hot” topic of the day on the morning shows, with the presenters and their team members inevitably commenting on what happened.

On Thursday morning (09/11) Danai Barka chose not to appear on her show “Pame Danai!” in MEGA excerpts from the outburst of Kainourgiou or the statements of Skordas, however, he said that “we here do not like attacks”while, in essence, she took a position with a gesture of hers.

I’m a bit shocked, maybe because I’m not used to it, still at least, you never know. And because I see that we are all discussing the issue that took place between the shows. We will not have a reproduction of this particular situation, because all of us here have proven that we prefer not to reproduce such matters. We have nothing to say and it makes us feel awkward. I can’t place myself immediately because there is no reason. All I will say is the good” Danai Barka said initially.

And he added: “The job of television is to entertain us, to think, to change. We are here to have a good time. We don’t consider people who are at the same time opposite. We here do not like attacks, we always stand with the people we feel are in a vulnerable position. To put ourselves in the other’s shoes, to be united and to think that we can be in the other’s place. To respect others and not to “shoot” people”.

In the end, the presenter pick up a coffee mug with the logo of Fay Skorda’s show “Fay’s Time” and sent her love.

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