Unemployment benefit: Two important changes “locked in” – What changes from 2024 – Newsbomb – News

Unemployment benefit: Two important changes “locked in” – What changes from 2024 – Newsbomb – News
Unemployment benefit: Two important changes “locked in” – What changes from 2024 – Newsbomb – News

They are just around the corner two important changes where concern the unemployment benefitboth by increasing this and extending the payment period for the long-term unemployed, but also the interconnection through voucherwith active work.

The allowance it will be extended with criteria and conditions and will concern those who have worked for several years and have paid insurance contributions.

Thus, it will be predicted that the first period after the dismissal, the unemployed person will now receive an increased benefit closer to his salary which will gradually decrease over the months without falling below the current 479 euros per month.

In addition, the average salary that the unemployed person had in the last three years will be taken into account and based on this amount, a rate of 55%-60% will be calculated that will apply to the first semester. Afterwards, the unemployed person will receive the amount of 479 euros per month that is valid today.

If an unemployed person has an average monthly salary of 1,500 euros for the last three years, the benefit he receives from DYPA will be 825 euros per month for the first half of the year. In the second semester he will receive 479 euros.

The proposed changes

The ministry is talking about a pilot implementation of the plan in the first phase in order to judge the plan in practice.

The following are proposed in detail, according to information:

  • The amount of the unemployment benefit will be close to the minimum wage.
  • The allowance will not be common to all, but will be granted individually.
  • The payment of the unemployment benefit will also be linked to a training program.

What is the current situation with the unemployment benefit?

Beneficiaries thereof allowance of 200 euros are long-term unemployed Greek citizens and citizens of European Union member states, aged between 20 and 66, who are insured against unemployment, are in a permanent state of unemployment for a period longer than 12 months, as long as they have exhausted the right to regular unemployment benefit and their annual family income does not exceed the amount of 10,000 euros.

Unemployment, sickness, maternity allowances, as well as the long-term unemployed allowance (if granted in the following calendar year) are not counted in the annual family income.

The interested parties submit, within a grace period of two months from the end of the regular unemployment subsidy, the applications and the necessary supporting documents in the following three ways: in person at the competent DYPA services of their place of residence or of their last employment, electronically, through e-services and through of KEP. This allowance is not subject to increases, is personal and non-transferable.

The supporting documents required for the submission of the grant application are:

Copy of the income tax statement of the tax year preceding the exercise of the right, issued through the Taxisnet system (this supporting document will be presented until the completion of the interoperability process with the AADE).
Recent marital status certificate for those who have minor children.
Deposit account number (IBAN), in which the citizen appears as the first beneficiary.

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