Arrest of a 35-year-old man for the incidents at the Panthessaliko Stadium

Arrest of a 35-year-old man for the incidents at the Panthessaliko Stadium
Arrest of a 35-year-old man for the incidents at the Panthessaliko Stadium

In the capture of one 35 years old for episodes which unfolded in Panthessal Stadium of Volos in 2017 the police authorities proceeded.

Specifically, the 35-year-old was reportedly called as a witness by the case investigator of the episodes in New Philadelphia. It is noted that his testimony allegedly related to another part of the case and not to the homicide of 29-year-old Michalis.

According to information, in addition to him, 2 more people have been called to apologize for an act that is not related to the Katsouri murder. In fact, all 3 have already received a deadline to prepare their defense,

There it was found that the 35-year-old had a pending prison sentence of 18 months and a fine of 1,500 euros from last year, for his participation in the clashes between PAOK – AEK fans at the Panthessaliko Stadium in May 2017 and, thus, he was arrested. NEWS24/7 had revealed the background of the fight in Volos.

His possible involvement in the incidents between Croatian hooligans and AEK fans in New Philadelphia is now being examined.

After the announcement of the arrest of the 35-year-old, his lawyers issued a statement in order, as they argue, to clarify that this arrest is not related to the case of the murder of Michalis Katsouri.

The statement of the 35-year-old’s lawyers

“In order to avoid misunderstanding of the people, who are anxious about the outcome of the case of the murder of Michalis Katsouris and the finding of its perpetrator, we inform you that today’s arrest of our principal, in the Courts of Evelpidon, does not concern this specific case.

A misdemeanor sentence of one year in prison was pending against him, issued in July, for an act committed in the year 2017.

Nor does it correspond to reality, the news that his dna has been identified, which is particularly strange to us, since to date he has not even given a sample, which is expected to happen in the next few hours, as it happens to all the accused.

As far as the case of Michalis Katsouri’s murder is concerned, our principal has already filed a lawsuit against unknown perpetrators, for attempted murder against him and appears to support the charge.

He was recently prosecuted by the Investigator handling the case, for offenses not at all related to the manslaughter of his friend, and he had been called upon to plead today, being free for that reason, before her.

Due to the absence of the Lawyers today and as he is free for this case, his plea has been postponed to Wednesday, November 15.”

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