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Odysseas Stamoulis responds to those who accuse him of Katia Nikolaidou

Odysseas Stamoulis responds to those who accuse him of Katia Nikolaidou
Odysseas Stamoulis responds to those who accuse him of Katia Nikolaidou

On the occasion of her deaththere was a strong reproduction of her earlier statement, that her divorce had hurt her more than her illness, as the actor, according to her, proceeded with their separation, while she was fighting cancer.

The post of Odysseus Stamoulis:

“My dears, I am a 63-year-old man who has been through so much, that not even my worst enemy as they say. I am not one to abandon any man, let alone his man, while or because he was ill. Have none of you ever wondered why I haven’t come out to speak in 23 years? In fact, at the moment when I have the sad privilege nI am the ONLY Greek in history who has been persecuted for more than 20 years.

I will tell you why I chose silence for so many years now. 1. Out of respect for Katia and her illness. 2. Because I have always believed that our private lives should not be fed to the voracious beast of publicity. Unfortunately, not all of us followed this view.

Well, isn’t there anyone among you who thought: “Oh, my child, didn’t things turn out that way? Is there another side?”

But what leaves me speechless is the amount of blackness that some people have in them, who go so far as to make offsets with the loss of my only one.

You who I imagine are fanatical Christians from what I understand do not believe in the religion of love but seem to be followers of the avenging god of Jewish mythology.

You know, there is also forgiveness. Some ridiculous one of you named Diamantis claimed in a comment that I sued my sick wife for theft. I never took any legal action against her. How many more lies will be written? How many miseries?

I am not a bastard, a tramp, an inhuman nor a beggar as you mention in your comments. I am a simple person who fought in his life with whatever powers he had.

Of course, even now I will not describe events and details as I have not done for so many years.


But now it’s too late anyway! I honor the memory of my first wife with whom we loved each other very much. But life sometimes comes differently. And one last word for you, people are asked not to step on my shows.

Art is meant to elevate even a little bit the human soul. Those of you who have such darkness in you, DON’T COME, WE DON’T WANT YOU!!! Your soul has been blackened so much because of your unbearable daily life, that you have lost all hope. Get a life ladies and gentlemen, and don’t meddle in other people’s lives.”

“I am devastated”

In fact, the deeply devastated actor spoke in the morning about the loss of his ex-wife, Katias Nikolaidou, as well as his 11-year-old son Christos who drowned in Ikaria. “I am devastated. I live with the loss of my son all the time. I will die with this. I have my trimester tomorrow and Katia’s also happened and I’m really devastated. We have been talking for 20 years. I have nothing else to say” said Odysseas Stamoulis with a trembling voice.

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