Plane crash in Maleme: The two passengers were found unconscious

Plane crash in Maleme: The two passengers were found unconscious
Plane crash in Maleme: The two passengers were found unconscious

The two passengers of the glider that crashed in the sea area of ​​Maleme in Chania were found unconscious

His two occupants were pulled from the sea unconscious small aircraft. According to information, they are being transferred to the Chania Hospital.

The information they report that the two occupants were found strapped into their seats while authorities are investigating the reasons for the crash, which may be lack of orientation or lack of fuel.

Earlier, the mayor of Platanias, Chania, Yiannis Malandrakis, who had spoken to an Athenian media, had emphasized that: “Unfortunately, the light that was on until a little while ago on the aircraft is not there and this probably means that the boat has sunk. We are looking to see what will happen to the boat that sank. An hour ago for a boat, these light aero club boats, twin engine, it was marked that it fell about half a mile from the coast at Maleme, at the level of the historic airport of Maleme in the sea.

It is recalled that an alarm was sounded earlier today Thursday (9/11) in Maleme as there was information that a missing glider. A little later, according to his information neakriti.Grthe aircraft was found submerged half a mile from the beach on the borders of Maleme and Tavronitis.

In particular, and according to information, the plane’s footprint has been identified, while the same sources report that they dived divers in the sea to locate the two people who are in the glider.

According to the Coast Guard, the coordination of the investigations has been undertaken by the Uniform Coordination Center for Search and Rescue (EKSED), while 1 Coast Guard boat, 1 Coast Guard vehicle, a Navy helicopter, 2 cruise ships and 2 fishing vessels are involved in the area of West Beach of Maleme.

Two cruise ships and fishing boats rushed to the scene to illuminate the area and facilitate the work of the authorities in the search for the two occupants.

The same information states that the small aircraft started from Kopaida, while there seem to have been intermediate stops on its way to Chania.

The aircraft was probably coming to Crete to participate in some events that were taking place in Maleme.

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